31 May 2022

In line with the ITTF’s ambition to be continuously investing in, promoting, and developing the area of Education, one of the main priorities outlined in the ITTF Strategic Plan, we are delighted to announce that the 2022 International Umpire Examination will be held online in the period from 15 September to 3 October 2022.

After a successful premiere of the online format during the 2020 International Umpire exam, which attracted a wider group of International Umpire candidates worldwide, we hope that the 2022 International Umpire exam, once again offered online, will act as a further catalyst in the development of match officials. It is aimed at providing additional assistance to Member Associations in their educational pathways, resulting in a higher number of certified International Umpires, which will eventually also raise the level of officiating at events of all levels and in all corners of the world.

The 2022 International Umpire exam will be run online via the ITTF educational platform and will be available in 9 languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian).

Applications must be endorsed by a candidate’s respective Member Association and are open until Thursday 30 July 2022.

IU candidates must have excellent knowledge and understanding of the laws of table tennis and regulations for international competitions, as well as of the “Handbook for Match Officials” and/or any similar publications that they may have received by their MA or the ITTF.

Candidates must be born on or before 1 January 2002, and it is highly recommended that the candidates have passed the Umpires Level 2 (National Umpire) Exam (or equivalent), following the ITTF education program or a second level qualification under a Member Association´s own umpire education and qualification program for at least 2 years, and that they have at least 2 years of experience of officiating at a national level.

After the validation of the overall examination outcome, successful candidates will receive an International Umpire Certificate and will be included in the ITTF database of umpires.

If you are interested in registering, please contact your Member Association.

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