13 May 2022

From 19-22 April 2022, ITTF High Performance staged the first Research Training Camp in Bad Königshofen (GER), held in cooperation with Spinsight ESN Digital as a pilot project where high performance coaching met science and digital technology. A curated group of players and coaches was able to test-drive the new brand’s technology prior to its release to the market on 2 May.

The Research Training Camp was an additional opportunity for coaches as well as players to better their awareness of specific skills and actions on the ball. Spinsight’s new technology for digital table tennis training which delivers exact measurements on all ingredients of playing the ball – the spin, speed, placement, and height over the net and table.

“This equipment reflects in real time what is happening on the ball when the ball crosses the net – you see all the parameters right away on the big screen.” Massimo Costantini, ITTF High Performance Elite Coach

This means that coaches and players receive immediate objective feedback on the player’s action and can immediately intervene by changing elements of the action, the body position or the power on the ball to change the response, confirming the coach’s knowledge with hard data and giving the player more confidence in their capabilities. The data received can also serve as a motivational tool to improve the player’s stroke and efficacy.

Hermann Mühlbach, Spinsight´s Senior Digital Training Expert, guided the players and the coaches on the interpretation of the results on the screen to find the sweet spot of each individual player´s performance.

”We did a performance test. Massimo wanted to get benchmarks for the player´s stroke quality. In the near future we will meet again to repeat the measurements. Then we can detect which impact the numbers and the advice that came with them have had on the player´s development.” – Hermann Mühhlbach

Besides the performance tests, the Research Camp was focused on continuing to apply and improve certain individual techniques, such as footwork and strokes based on the response received during the test. To start the camp off, each player had the opportunity to perform their individual test on the Spinsight equipment for half an hour, the remaining part of the training camp was, in true High Performance fashion, focused on regular work on the table, improving the deficits identified.

We are looking forward to the next Research Training Camp in cooperation with Spinsight to offer current and future top players this kind of tool for performance improvement through data insights.

For more information: https://spinsight.com/

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