22 Apr 2022

The first edition of the ITTF MAGAZINE is now available!

The International Table Tennis Federation is launching ITTF MAGAZINE, a new publication for all table tennis fans.

The new digital mag will feature exclusive table tennis content and images, present day players, promising talents and personalities of yesteryear, facts and figures highlighting recent events on the international calendar, and news of the entire ITTF Group

ITTF MAGAZINE will be released quarterly – in April, July, October, and January.

In this first edition, the prime focus is on the individual; especially those who have gone the extra mile.

The first cover is dedicated to Aida Dahlen. Discover the inspiring story of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics medallist.

No ITTF President has commenced office when matters outside the playing hall have assumed such importance. Get to know Petra Sörling, and her vision for our sport.

Jun Mizutani and Ding Ning have graced the courts of the world for almost two decades; now they say good-bye.

However, if we take a longer period of time, let’s say 80 years, none can match the story of Hans Soova; his life is one of the most incredible of all; arguably table tennis his saviour. It is the stuff of which Hollywood movies are made; the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” endorsed.

Conversely, there are those a few years younger. Exciting teenagers made their presence felt in the past year; from Europe the names of Iulian Chirita and Annett Kaufmann have caught the eye, from Latin America Santiago Lorenzo and Daniela Fonseca.

Promising young players and as 2021 came to a close, they were present in abundance; the Jordanian capital city of Amman provided the home for a most successful ITTF Hopes Week.

This and more in the first edition of ITTF MAGAZINE. Enjoy your read and look forward to the next!

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