25 Mar 2022

Grassroots development gained momentum with the introduction of the ITTF Participation Program in 2021. 124 Member Associations (MAs) took the opportunity to connect with the Participation unit to develop and grow their table tennis capabilities.

Through online interactions with ITTF Experts and Participation Officers, MAs were able to increase their capabilities and pool of knowledge in certain areas of table tennis development. In 2022, the offer to MAs has been enhanced with new diversified content, an expanded menu of online services and exciting incentives by new and existing partners.

“With the first edition of the Participation Program we were able to not only service our Member Associations better, but to identify their existing needs and target them even better by creating three new services in the areas of Gender Balance, Good Governance and Talent Identification and offering more opportunities to cooperate with our partners in the fields of match analysis, event management and creating urban table tennis communities, thereby expanding the reach of global table tennis development.” – Yelena Druzhkova, ITTF Head of Participation.

Starting from 2022, every Member Association (MA) will benefit from one incentive annually during the next three years. Their allocation will be based on rotation, MA category, pro-activity principles and responsiveness in the previous year. The 2022 program package support includes:

  • ITTF Online Services
  • National Project
  • MA Onsite Activity with assigned ITTF expert.

In connection with the Participation Program partners Pingprofy, Stupa Analytics and StreetTT, MAs will be able to enrich their national on-site projects with offering such as online education, match analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence, event management, and building urban table tennis community through play on publicly accessible tables.

The hybrid model of online and on-site activities and engagement has proven a success, and we are excited to see what 2022 will bring to the (table tennis) table in Member Associations around the world.

You can find more information in the brochure.

Pingprofy is a table tennis platform created by the players for the players!

The Pingprofy platforms, Pingprofy.Coach and Pingprofy.com, aim at delivering a world class online learning experience, videoconferences, chats, private video-calls on your smartphone, personal computer, so anytime and everywhere, and always close to the players.

 Stupa Sports Analytics – a platform for performance enhancement through data & analytics, event management and live streaming.

Stupa offers a wide variety of products that include performance analytics, event management, broadcasting & social media. Using Stupa’s special Artificial Intelligence technology, coaches can analyze a player’s playing performance. Organizers can manage any event digitally & stream match action online to promote the organization at a massive level.

 StreetTT is the first worldwide street Table Tennis community and game that anyone can join. Free, from any browser, any major app store, the StreetTT app is a gateway to urban players and communities.  

  • Play anyone, anytime, on any table
  • Table, city, country and worldwide ranking
  • Discover players, events and tournaments
  • Personal profile, Elo rating, match results and stats
  • Find table, chat to table, table ranking, table media links
  • Win badges for player achievements and activity
  • Community moderated, anyone can become a moderator
  • Productivity, promotion and media, tools for organisers
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