24 Mar 2022

World Table Tennis has built a new customisable results system that the entire table tennis family can use

Table Tennis England has selected the results system created and developed by World Table Tennis (WTT) for the 2022 National Championships.

Since its creation, WTT has led the digital transformation of table tennis and has built a new results system, allowing seamless integration with various websites and apps, as well as streaming, broadcast and betting partners, as well as sports presentation during events.

This investment resulted in a fully customisable and configurable platform that the entire table tennis family can use.

“The WTT Results System is the most comprehensive solution available for all kinds of table tennis competitions,” said Vatsan Ramasubramanian, WTT’s IT Director. “We want to help the Member Associations. Therefore, from the creation stage, we developed a solution that can be easily deployed. With WTT Results system, they do not need to reinvent the wheel every time they are organising a new event, and they will benefit from WTT IT department support all along the way. In the future we see the results system being suitable to manage tournaments all the way through from professional to amateur.”

Table Tennis England’s 2022 National Championships will take place from 25 to 27 March in the University of Nottingham. The WTT Results System has been embedded within the Table Tennis England website.

WTT is also in the final stages of launching it’s API licensing to the member associations. These APIs are customisable and include various sets of data, such as players’ results and information, events results, head-to-head, and much more.

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