24 Mar 2022

The 2022 itinerary of events now in full flow; at the ITTF Executive Committee meeting staged at the ground-breaking WTT Singapore Smash on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th March, looking ahead to 2023 and beyond was very much the order of proceedings.

Bids to be submitted before the end of March were announced for the following events.

2025 World Championships Finals

A veritable festival, the redesigned World Table Tennis Championships Finals promotes globally all facets of the sport; most importantly it promotes the city in which it is held.

First staged in 1926, a distinguished tradition, the world’s most famous cities having played host, the tournament has a unique position in sport.

Significantly the prestigious gathering goes from strength to strength. Nowadays it is stronger than ever.

Most importantly, it offers the incredible global reach of over 500 million fans on fast-growing TV and digital platforms.

The new format allows for all matches to be televised globally, flexible scheduling ensures key matches are held at prime times to assist with ticket sales and television viewership.

2023 and 2024 World Youth Championships

Names that may well progress to the greatest heights, the next generation of champions on duty; the World Youth Championships is the most prestigious tournament for young players.

A stepping stone to hosting even higher level events the World Youth Championships put your city on the global map.

2024 World Veteran Championships

Age categories from a youthful 40 years to over 90 years on offer, this is an event for anyone and everyone who continues to show their passion for the sport!

Veteran events have their own worldwide ranking system, enhanced marketing and social media programmes.

For most the tournament forms part a holiday; local tourism is a major beneficiary.


Further information regarding bidding processes will be available in due course.

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