24 Feb 2022

From event ideas to impact evaluation, the ITTF Foundation has created the 2022 World Table Tennis Day toolkit to help table tennis enthusiasts worldwide celebrate World Table Tennis Day this April 6th.

Every year since 2015, April 6 is World Table Tennis Day (WTTD); the day we celebrate our favourite sport, as well as the universality and social inclusiveness table tennis represents.

The ITTF Foundation has released a toolkit full of tips and great table tennis event ideas for table tennis associations at all levels, National Olympic Committees, local clubs, NGOs, youth centres, schools, companies, and governmental bodies at all levels. It will also help those who wish to celebrate WTTD this year to build a legacy through their event, and to bring positive contributions to the well-being of its surrounding communities, natural environment, and institutions.

Download the 2022 World Table Tennis Day toolkit now!


As the ITTF Group declared 2021 and 2022 the biennial celebration of Ping Pong Diplomacy, using table tennis for peacemaking will be the centre message of WTTD this year. 25  WTTD Promoters from all five continents have been selected to help the ITTF Foundation to promote grassroots diplomacy through table tennis on the 50th anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy.

The past editions have seen a total of 5,121 events taking place in 195 countries and territories. Thanks to the ITTF Member Associations and the table tennis community worldwide, there was never a shortage of creative and engaging celebrations events.

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