24 Jan 2022

With events scheduled in all tiers and after a successful launch despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic, the commercial arm of the ITTF is really coming to life this year.

World Table Tennis (WTT) today unveiled the first part of its 2022 calendar, featuring an ambitious list of events with the ultimate objective of making table tennis stronger, more attractive, and more global.

WTT was created by the ITTF Group as its commercial and events arm, and has transformed how the sport is played and absorbed throughout the world. It heralds a new era for professional table tennis, with events merging sport and entertainment to offer fans and spectators a fresh and dynamic experience.

“WTT was launched in 2021, but it will really come to life this year,” said Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO and WTT Director.

The first-ever WTT Grand Smash is scheduled in Asia from 7 to 20 March. The event will deliver the highest-level table tennis with singles, mixed and doubles competitions showcasing the talent of the top ranked athletes.

Grand smashes are part of the WTT Series, the upper echelon of WTT’s pyramid of events, featuring the sport’s best and up-and-coming table tennis players. Below is the Feeder Series, a tier designed for elevating grassroots talent to global stars. Complemented by the WTT Youth Series, WTT creates a pathway that showcases a player’s journey from Day 1 to World #1 through the ITTF Table Tennis World Ranking.

All tiers have events scheduled in 2022, fully bringing the WTT pyramid structure to life.

WTT is in active discussions with host cities and promoters for additional events for the first and second half of 2022 and is looking forward to a positive year of table tennis action.

“While the pandemic is not over yet, we are well prepared and working hard to give our athletes opportunities to play and to keep the international event scene alive in this difficult period,” added Dainton.

WTT Event Calendar (Q1):

  • 12-15 January: WTT Feeder Dusseldorf I (GER)
  • 18-20 January: WTT Feeder Dusseldorf II (GER)
  • 2-6 February: WTT Youth Star Contender Tunis (TUN)
  • 14-20 February: WTT Youth Contender Spa (BEL)
  • 14-20 February: WTT Youth Contender Metz (FRA)
  • 26 February – 4 March: WTT Youth Contender Vila Real (POR)
  • 27 February – 5 March: WTT Contender Muscat (OMA)
  • 7-20 March: WTT Grand Smash Asia
  • 7-11 March: WTT Youth Star Contender Doha (QAT)
  • 13-17 March: WTT Feeder Doha (QAT)
  • 14-20 March: WTT Youth Contender Sulaymaniyah (IRQ)
  • 18-24 March: WTT Contender Doha (QAT)
  • 21-27 March: WTT Youth Contender Tunis (TUN)
  • 25-31 March: WTT Star Contender Doha (QAT)
  • 29 March – 2 April: WTT Youth Star Contender Otocec (SLO)

Follow all the action and results on worldtabletennis.com.

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