15 Nov 2021

As the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships fast approaches, the ITTF Executive Committee has called an emergency Executive Committee meeting for the 18th of November.

The main discussion will be related to the remaining entry and visa issues. The main discussion will focus on the fact that there are still no visas for some players and some core leadership of the ITTF. Moreover, the ITTF is still waiting for clarification regarding entry procedures for the participants who do not meet the requirements of the new travel policy introduced in the United States on the 8th of November.

Guaranteeing visa and the entry procedure is each time of extreme concern of our Member Associations when voting for Host Candidates of the World Table Tennis Championships and the Annual General Meeting.

As USA Table Tennis issued a legal letter to the ITTF insisting that the Annual General Meeting must be held in the United States in accordance with the ITTF Constitution, this therefore also obliges them to perform their duties. The ITTF now must look at measures in the highly likely case that these duties will not all be met.

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