21 Oct 2021

World Table Tennis (WTT), the ITTF Commercial arm and the ITTF Foundation, the ITTF Corporate Social Responsibility arm, shook hands last week in the Foundation’s headquarter in Leipzig, Germany.

Delighted by the visit of our colleagues Matt Pound, WTT Director; Stephen Duckitt, WTT Events Strategy Director; and Iulia Necula, ITTF Group CEO’s Project Director, we were happy to exchange ideas on how to make future table tennis events more socially responsible.

“It is great to see our colleagues again after the funding of the ITTF Group. With better-defined missions and goals, the ITTF Foundation and WTT met to discuss future collaborations that would further benefit the table tennis community. We were happy to see the ideas flowing and we cannot wait to move forward with the plans.” Matt Pound, WTT Director.

WTT Director Matt Pound and ITTF Foundation Director Leandro Olvech meet as World Table Tennis strengthens ties with ITTF Foundation

Revolutionising table tennis, WTT is bringing the wow factor to our favourite sport. With new tournament ideas and an expanded event calendar, WTT is leveraging the knowledge of the ITTF Foundation to make future events more socially responsible.

“CSR is one of our top priorities in WTT. As one of the leading organisations in table tennis, not only does WTT want to be the role model for clubs and Member Associations, but also other sport organisations by incorporating CSR in all aspects of our sport. The visit was a great opportunity to dig the brains of the ITTF Foundation for ways to make our sport more sustainable, inclusive and universal.” Stephen Duckitt, WTT Events Strategy Director.

Left to right: Stephen Duckitt (WTT Events Strategy Director), Iulia Necula (ITTF Group CEO’s Project Director) and Matt Pound (WTT Director)

“After the long quarantine, the ITTF Foundation is happy to open the doors of our HQ to colleagues again. The meeting between the Commercial and the CSR arms of ITTF has inspired many great ideas and potential collaborations that would help shape the future of table tennis. It was mutually beneficial, as the ITTF Foundation would advise WTT on CSR and sustainability, and WTT would advise us on marketing and commercialisation.” Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director.

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