20 Oct 2021

After months of dormancy caused first by the search for an official partner of the ITTF Equipment Assistance Program, closely followed by a global pandemic that wreaked havoc on international shipments, the incentive is picking up speed again.

by Katarzyna Kubas, ITTF Head of Development

During the bidding process, TIBHAR presented the best application meeting all the selection criteria, both in terms of relevancy of equipment packages content proposed, as well as ability to satisfy timeline requirements, smoothness of shipment process proposed and budget.

“The ITTF Equipment Assistance Program meets one of the most fundamental needs of many of our Member Associations, and we are delighted to have found in TIBHAR an official partner of this crucial program that is deeply rooted within the table tennis community worldwide” Polona Cehovin, ITTF High Performance and Development Director.

TIBHAR is a Germany-based equipment manufacturer recognized as one of the most influential table tennis companies in Europe. They boast a fruitful cooperation with many world-level athletes like Vladimir Samsonov, Bernadette Szőcs or Darko Jorgic and many decorated European – and global – national teams.

Considering the promising partnership with TIBHAR and that as part of the expanded and revised ITTF Development Plan within the framework of the ITTF’s Strategic Plan 2018-2024, the Equipment Assistance Program expanded to adhere to the vision of “TABLE TENNIS. FOR ALL. FOR LIFE.”.

Through the Continental Development Programs, ITTF aims to deliver more targeted support to Member Associations using the comprehensive and objective needs-based model and wishes to create inclusive pathways from recreational participation to play competitively. To do so, ITTF now distinguishes two types of packages to be offered:

Basic Package:

  • Priority will be given to Member Associations with the greatest equipment needs;
  • Usedfor grassroots development (schools, community centers, local clubs…);
  • Content: 8 tables; 8 nets; 100 rackets; 1500plastic balls.

Competition Package:

  • Priority will be given toevent hosts (regional, continental, international);
  • Usedfor hosting events;
  • Content: 10 tables; 10 nets; 10 scoreboards; 10 umpire tables; 10 towel boxes; 36 surrounds; 432 pieces of 3* balls; 216 pieces of 1* balls; 10 competition rackets and 20 basic rackets.

At the moment, ITTF’s top priority in this area is to carry out all pending deliveries of equipment packages in 2021 that had been already offered to Member Associations in the framework of the previous Continental Development Program but also to plan and pursue the program’s next allocations shortly.

The corresponding Member Associations will be contacted to confirm their shipping details within the next few days.

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