13 Aug 2021

August started off dynamically with the launch of two integral components of the ITTF Development Plan which specifically serves to meet the objectives of the ITTF Strategic Plan, namely the ITTF Virtual Mentorship Program and the ITTF “My Gender. My Strength.” Program, a women’s initiative.

by Katarzyna Kubas, ITTF Head of Development

The ITTF Virtual Mentorship Program serves to support promising and talented coaches and match officials in enhancing their knowledge and skills and significantly contribute to their growth. Therefore, this edition of the mentorship program will provide an advanced learning experience for already established, motivated individuals to pursue their further career.

The potential candidates need to go through the online application process to be selected in accordance with the respective Continents Development Programs based on the desired selection criteria.

The Program will allow mentees to learn from experienced and respected experts in their fields during a four months mentoring program, which will include regular online sessions along with relevant monthly assignments. Each month will focus on different key areas of their development to equip them with specific knowledge and skills.

The mentoring concludes with the evaluation of each mentee and completion of the assignment by the mentee, which may be published on ittfeducation.com.

The motivated individuals are strongly encouraged in applying for this incentive and to do so, they should complete the application form: Online Application Form by the deadline of 19th August 2021.

Download the infographic here.


A week after the ITTF Mentorship Program, we had the pleasure to launch the 2021 edition of the Member Association Assistance Program for Women’s Development in Table Tennis, the “My Gender. My Strength.” Program.

The “MyGender.MyStrength.”Program (MGMS) aims to, among other things, enhance and advance women’s participation in table tennis by supporting ambitious and creative national projects designed for female players, coaches, match officials, administrators or managers.

Following the successful Program launch in 2019 within Asia and the Americas, the high interest by Member Associations for the Program resulted in not only improvement but also expansion of the program to other continents. Besides the Asia and Americas Development Programs, MGMS has also been included in the 2021 Development Programs of Africa and Oceania, now running across four continents.

Where it comes to the selection of projects, Member Associations will need to take the initiative to identify their own needs in terms of women’s table tennis development in the country and come up with the relevant national projects which will help them to achieve the desired outcomes.

The main principles of the projects should be:

  • The project should not be shorter than 3 days and not longer than 3 months (however, the continuation of the project by Member Association is desired).
  • Female participation in the project should be at least 80%.
  • Aresponsible person (National Coordinator) for the project’s coordination and implementation should continue their duty of strengthening women’s table tennis development within the Member Association in the longer term.
  • To draw attention to the legacy and sustainability of the project.
  • In order to develop and enhance tomorrow’s female leaders involved in table tennis, the projects should embrace a leadership component.

Besides, Member Associations will be asked to provide a brief plan related to women’s table tennis development within their association, along with a Project Report upon completion of the activity.

In addition, to encourage Member Associations to present quality projects which will make a significant impact on women’s development and a long-lasting legacy of this program, we increased the financial support to US$1500 per selected project and will also offer a bonus in the amount of US$500 on the condition that the project complies with the set criteria as follows: project reach, sustainability, promotion, overall (implementation) level.

We strongly encourage Member Associations to design a unique project towards advancing women’s table tennis development and complete the application form using the following link: 2021 MGMS Program

The deadline to submit the applications is 25th August 2021.

Download the infographic here.


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