09 Aug 2021

Tajikistan was host to an ITTF Olympic Solidarity coaching course and training camp from 3-13 July 2021. 10 coaches from across all regions of the country traveled to the capital city of Dushanbe to level up their coaching skills.

by Mohammad Atoum, ITTF Asia Participation Officer

It was the second ITTF coaching course organized in the country after the premiere in November 2019, enabling Tajikistan’s coaches to acquire knowledge and experience which will reflect on the game and the players.

The Tajikistan Olympic committee was the venue for theoretical part, providing good facilities with a seminar room including a sound system, white board and projector.

School number 6 was a place for the practical sessions, with 7 tables and hundreds of balls well set up for the participants.

 “This training is very important for me and all table tennis coaches of Tajikistan, we liked the theoretical and practical part of the course. It was interesting and easy to understand, I especially took a lot of new things from this training and it will help me to improve my players’ technical and tactical skills. We are grateful to the Olympic Committee of TJK and to TTTF (Tajikistan Table Tennis Federation) and all parties who supported this training course”.  Shoabdullo Chamanov, participant from the Gbaw region.

“I received the sad news that Zoirova Nafisa, who has played a vital role in promoting our sport in the Spitanan region, had been diagnosed with cancer. Despite this, she was determined to attend the course and met me with her usual smile on the first day. Unfortunately she was unable to complete the course, but we all hope that she will recover soon and come back to the table tennis hall.” Mohammad Atoum, ITTF Asia Participation Officer and course conductor.

Training Camp

The training camp was split into two sessions, in the mornings from 9:00-11:30 and in the afternoons from 15:00-17:30.

20 players took part in the camp, with all coaches supporting the players in different roles – as coaches and sparring partners, and always with the main idea to implement what was learned during the first 6 days.

All 7 tables were used, 3 of them for multiball training and 4 for one ball training. The main goal was to improve the technical skills and correct players’ mistakes, and to give some technical strategies to use during a match.

 “I was inspired by this four day training camp. It improved my technical level, and I will try to keep working on my mistakes. I wish we had such training camps every season of the year. We will miss these days and hopefully next time it will be for weeks for better improvement. I would like to thank ITTF and Tajikistan TTF for this great chance”. Ibrahim Mirzo, one of the best players in the cadet team.

Bright Future

Some of the players have the potential to improve and to represent the country in regional and international events.

 “This training course was very important, and despite the COVID-19 restrictions we were able, together with our friend and ITTF expert Mohammad Atoum to arrange it. Tajikistan needs such courses; in the last 10 years we had only two courses, one in 2019 and this year. These courses improve coaching skills which are important in coaching activities”. Ismoilzoda Mirzo, president of TTTF.

While TTTF’s good vision set out in 2019 might have been hampered by the global pandemic, things are picking up again. With a good plan to educate local coaches and umpires, and a good long term plan for the players which includes participation in the Asian Championships and the First Commonwealth of Independent State Games in Kazan, Tajikistan is leveling up.

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