08 Jul 2021

One month after the start of the newly launched 2021 ITTF Participation Program, notable strides have been made with the resumption of development activities through the ITTF Online Services via the Pingprofy platform.

With Member Associations grouped in three batches for scheduling ITTF Online Services and a month to go for the first cohort, 66% of the concerned Member Associations (MAs) have already engaged with the platform. The second batch will roll-out in August 2021, with the third starting in October 2021. Within the online services, Member Associations currently have the option to select amongst 8 services based on their needs and priority: Coach-the-Coach, Creating MA Development Plans, Creating National Team Plans, ITTF MA Categorization, PTT Integration Guide, Remote DMA (Developing Member Associations) Activity, Remote Training Camp and 2021-2024 Olympic Solidarity Programs and Guidelines. Feedback from MAs involved so far is crucial for future reviews of the services and has been widely positive.

“Our gratitude to the ITTF for these programs as they provide the assistance we need. This will not only create a conducive environment for players and coaches but also lead to better and improved management and continuity of the development programs. The services so far rendered, ITTF MA Categorization and Creating MA Development Plan, have opened our eyes to the new information, possibilities and perspective that can benefit our Member Association. Our executive will do all in its power and ability to implement all the new information acquired during the service.” Mr Chabeli Mohatlane, the President of the Lesotho Table Tennis Association.

“The ITTF Online Services of MA Development Plan, MA Categorization, Para TT Integration and Olympic Solidarity Programs and Guidelines have been very beneficial to us. They will help us to better organize our Member Association based on the information and guidance given in each service, the interactions with the experts and the contents of the services.’’ Barbaro Oliva, the President of the Cuban Table Tennis Federation.

“The concept of remote training camps itself is very innovative and trail blazing in nature. It is a perfect blend of the latest technologies integrated with the existing methodical training plans. Considering the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions that came along with it. The concept of conducting camps in different venues with a simple decent camera or phone and a stable internet connection is indeed brilliant in discouraging huge gatherings at one spot. Rest assured I believe that the Remote Training Camp can play a pivotal role in providing an ideal training platform virtually and largely benefit us even in the post-covid era.” Biken Thapa, Nepal’s coach, who took part in Creating National Team Plans and Remote Training Camp services.

ITTF Head of Participation Yelena Druzhkova can look back at a highly successful launch:

“It has been a great feeling to get back to the activities and start collaborating with our ITTF Members after all these long inactive months that a global pandemic had brought. We are very delighted to see that Member Associations are embracing ‘digitalised’ services with much interest and motivation, which inspires us to continue our work in developing new online services to bring more content and diversity to our customers.” Yelena Druzhkova,ITTF Head of Participation

Notable progress has been realized in the first batch of ITTF Online Services (running June-July 2021), with the proactive Jordan Table Tennis Federation and Oman Table Tennis Association already having consumed the full 16 hours of services.

Yousef Abo Yaman, the Jordanian national team coach: “Honestly, it was really a great opportunity for our players and coaches to get a chance to interact with the ITTF Expert to exchange knowledge and experiences during Remote Training Camp sessions. It was a great training opportunity after a long time being away from the hall and travelling for events. The ITTF Online Services can support to improve in different aspects: development of players and coaches, but what is also important in creating or supporting the structure development of the Member Associations.”

“We, Oman Table Tennis Association (OTTA), managed to benefit from the online services to enhance skills and competences of our young talented players in the Ibri training centre. The online sessions supported OTTA to focus on the development pathway through creating national team plans. The OTTA board members learned the revised set criteria for the ITTF MA Categorization and how to get to the next level.” Adil Al Balushi, Secretary General of the Oman Table Tennis Association.


In addition to the online services, Member Associations will receive support to go towards the organization of national projects, such as school programs, training camps, educational sessions or other activities that can be completed in June-December 2021, along with the opportunity to have 50 players get match and training analytics using a customized package of the Artificial Intelligence based performance analysis through Stupa Sports Analytics.

“My special thanks to all ITTF Experts who are so dedicated and have taken a lot of energy and efforts to share their expertise and knowledge through online sessions to support table tennis worldwide. Stay connected and grasp this online opportunity to educate and support development of your national table tennis community!” Yelena Druzhkova, ITTF Head of Participation


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