28 Jun 2021

A milestone, on Friday 25th June Ichiro Hoshino was elected Secretary-General of the Japanese National Olympic Committee; he is the first-ever member of the Japan Table Tennis Association to achieve the distinction.

Currently, he is the General Director of Japan Table Tennis Association and the Chair of Directors of the Japanese T. League.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Now 66 years of age, similar to all, his interest in table tennis commenced as a player. For some who progress to hold worthy official positions, playing locally or regionally is the summit of achievement – for Ichiro Hoshino he competed at high international level.

In 1978 at Asian Games in Bangkok, lining up alongside Hiroyuki Abe, Masahiro Maehara and the doyen of classic defence, Norio Takashima, he was a member of the silver medal winning Japanese men’s team. The event was won by China who selected from a most impressive quartet comprising Chen Xinhua, Guo Yuehua, Huang Tongsheng and Liang Geliang.

“Mr. Hoshino was a representative player for Japan, who played an active role both home and abroad from the late 1970s to the 1980s. After his playing career was over, with myself, he was involved in the development of coaches and training of athletes for the Japan Table Tennis Association. He contributed greatly to the foundation for strengthening Japanese players.

Taking advantage of such experience, he served as the General Director of the Japan Table Tennis Association; his work at the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) has been highly valued. He was appointed as Secretary-General of JOC.

I think, although he is a gentle person, he is the type of person who moves forward with a strong belief, so I think he will do things devotedly to further develop the Japanese sports world. I am very much looking forward to his contribution.” Masahiro Maehara (ITTF Executive Committee Member).

Ichiro Hoshino joins 64-year-old Yasuhiro Yamashita and 62 years of age Yuko Mitsuya, amongst the principal names charged with promoting the fortunes of the Japanese National Olympic Committee. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games now less than a month distant, exacting times lay ahead.

Yasuhiro Yamashita was re-elected President for a further two year term of office, Yuko Mitsuya, Chair of the Japan Basketball Association, was named Deputy President.

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