07 Jun 2021

For the past 12 years, the ITTF Hopes Program has represented the benchmark on talent identification for numerous Member Associations. Many of the current global table tennis stars are excelling today having gone through this pathway in the past. This year, the Hopes road will receive a digital boost, enabling even greater connectivity and collaboration globally.

As the impact of a global pandemic threatened to jeopardise the Hopes program for one more year, we decided to embrace the opportunity to introduce a further step towards digitalization by introducing an online program with the Hopes Around The Clock.

“The Hopes Program is traditionally based on a pyramidical pathway. In 2021, this pathway will be blended into a hybrid system where online activities will complement onsite activities where these will be viable within the Continents and replace them where onsite activities will not be possible to hold.

This will enable our young talents to get back on track, supported by consistent monitoring through our remote training camps over an extended period of time. “ Massimo Costantini – ITTF High Performance Elite Coach

With this initiative, ITTF High Performance provides a new way to guide and interact with all Member Associations, their talents and coaches by having regular and consistent online training and educational sessions starting on 21 June 2021.

“When designing the 2021-2024 ITTF Development Plan we also reviewed the Hopes Program, and soon we will release the brand new Hopes Program Directives 3.0, which represent another step forward in the evolution of this much appreciated Program that, just as its target group, is also celebrating its twelfth birthday this year.

However, as due to the still ongoing pandemic we unfortunately are not able to roll it out in its entirety, our High Performance Unit revisited the Program and set it up based on a hybrid model that we called “Hopes Around the Clock”, which is very inclusive, inviting everyone to join, while still incorporating the core elements of the original Program – talent identification, coach education, universality and global reach.

We sincerely hope that until meeting on-site will be possible again the Hopes Around the Clock will fill this void and allow us to continue providing an appropriate and also appealing opportunity for the most promising under 12 players from around the World and their coaches. Following the five months of online training sessions combined with outcomes from Continental Hopes where applicable, the journey will take the best 20 girls and 20 boys to the pinnacle event, the traditional World Hopes Week & Challenge that is planned to be held in China toward the end of the year. We are eager to do our utmost to provide meaningful content and a marvellous experience to everyone involved. So, register, get online with the Hopes spirits flying high and embark with us on yet another exciting discovery of future stars of our sport.” Polona Cehovin – ITTF High Performance & Development Director

Hopes Around The Clock will touch all Continents on a rotational basis, with the two-hour sessions taking place fortnightly for each continent. Upon completion of the online program (September/October 2021) a selection of 20 girls and 20 boys (one per gender per association) will be participating in the flagship activity of the ITTF High Performance & Development department, the World Hopes Week & Challenge to be held in China in December.

The Hopes Around The Clock will feature other initiatives like the interaction with world class players and educational sessions related to various relevant areas like strength & conditioning, sport science, nutrition and similar topics.

To join us on the Hopes road in 2021, please find more information on the program in the Hopes Around The Clock brochure. Deadline to apply is the 21 Jun 2021.

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