12 Mar 2021

Yesterday in the Lusail Sports Arena, in Doha, Qatar; the President of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association Mr. Roland Natran met with World Table Tennis Directors and staff to discuss the future to bring WTT events to Hungary.

Hungary, who hosted the fantastic Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest, has continued to show interest to host a Grand Smash event in the future once the Pandemic ends. They are also keen to help host an event before the Tokyo Olympic Games if deemed feasible.

Roland Natran stated:“In these uncertain times we need a two-fold approach: in the short-term it is essential to have a WTT event in Europe before the Olympic Games, where players are able to prepare in a competitive environment and collect World Ranking points. On the other hand, considering the strength of European Table Tennis, a Grand Smash event in Hungary could help Europe to enter the new era of table tennis.”

ITTF CEO/WTT Director Steve Dainton stated “we continually look to find solutions to host events all around the World during this difficult period. However when a country shows so much interest to travel to our first ever event here in Doha, go through the quarantine here just for one day of meetings to discuss events then we know they are very serious. It is refreshing to have this kind of positivity during this special time.”

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