16 Feb 2021

The International Table Tennis Federation together with World Table Tennis met today with Dr Abdul Wahab Al Musleh, Advisor Consultant to the Minister of Public Health of Qatar, to discuss the upcoming WTT Middle East Hub and the Olympic Qualification events in Doha, Qatar that are planned between 28 February - 20 March 2021.

The main purpose of discussions was to ensure that the health and safety of the participants at the event and that the Bio Bubble system, which Qatar has used successfully for several other events, would be strictly adhered to for the upcoming events to ensure everyone’s safety.

Despite some cancellations of other sports in recent days, the WTT Middle East Hub has been approved and will be subject to strict regulations in place from the Qatar government. Since table tennis is an indoor sport, spectators will not be allowed. The local authorities are also ensuring thorough compliance to regulations and strict penalties will be put in place for anyone who breaks those regulations.

In order to ensure an even greater level of protection, the ITTF has introduced a rule asking for participants to test twice prior to departing their home country: the first time seven days prior to departure and a second time 72 hours prior to departure. Compliance officers from WTT, the ITTF and the LOC will be assigned to ensure all safety measures are duly followed.

“First and foremost, we are simply excited and happy to be able to have events again and after today’s call we felt even more confident that the events in Qatar will be a success and maximum effort will be made to ensure the full health and safety of the participants. It’s not an easy time also for the athletes as we have seen in other sports around the world in recent weeks, but getting international events back up and running is our number one priority.” – ITTF CEO, Steve Dainton

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