19 Dec 2020

The following is the official ITTF statement on Matches Manipulation.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) is aware of recent law enforcement actions relating to alleged cases of match manipulation in certain table tennis competitions.

The ITTF is working with relevant parties to look into this matter and will not hesitate to take further action where there are grounds to do so. The ITTF is committed to upholding and protecting the integrity of the sport of table tennis. Results in competitions should be determined by the competing merits and abilities of the participants involved.

Table Tennis Parties (including officials, staff, players and player entourages) should be aware of the negative effects and repercussions of match manipulation. Any such persons who are found to have contravened the ITTF Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions and other relevant regulations may face sanctions, including a ban from participating in the events sanctioned by ITTF or the table tennis events at the Olympic Games.

While the competitions reported are neither sanctioned nor authorised by ITTF, the ITTF is looking into its active processes and regulations and working with its members, relevant continental federations, the IOC’s Olympic Movement Unit on prevention of the manipulation of competitions, and authorities to implement measures to prevent such events from being marketed for illegal betting activities in the future.

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