03 Nov 2020

President of the Table Tennis Association of Thailand, it is with profound sadness that the death of Piradej Pruttipruk is announced.

Following a short illness, not related to the current pandemic, he passed away on Sunday 1st November.

Dedicated to the sport of table tennis, always looking for ways to make progress, Piradej Pruttipruk was very much the supreme host, demonstrating the fact that the Table Tennis Association of Thailand was a far-seeing organisation with the door wide open to all.

Under his leadership, a very harmonious group of officials, all working to achieve the same goal, was created. Vice President of the Asian Table Tennis Union, representing Southeast Asia, Piradej Pruttipruk was a driving force for the significant progress being made.

The events organised under the guidance of Piradej Pruttipruk covered the whole range; this year Thailand was due to host the ITTF Women’s World Cup but, owing to COVID-19, such a venture was not possible. In the interests of the sport, he concurred with the fact that Weihai in China was the only feasible option.

A disappointment but, under the leadership of Piradej Pruttipruk, Thailand has become no stranger to high-level events. In December 2014, Bangkok was the destination for a highly successful ITTF World Tour Grand Finals; in 2019, Korat was the home for the NSDF World Junior Championships.

At the other end of the scale, in 2017 and 2018 the country’s capital city welcomed aspiring young players and their coaches for the Southeast Asia Regional Hopes and Challenge Week.

Active on the international scene, it was no different nationally. Table tennis was one of the sports involved in the Bounce Be Good project launched in February 2020. Established by Her Royal Highness, Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati, the Princess Rajasarinisiribajra; the aim was to provide the opportunity for young people, especially the underprivileged, to play sport.

Piradej Pruttipruk present at “Bounce Be Good” in February 2020.


Overall, 474 children enrolled with over half that number, 268 applicants, choosing table tennis! That fact alone pays testimony to Piradej Pruttipruk.

Similarly, as on the international scene, Piradej Pruttipruk paid attention to elite level play. In September 2018, televised by True Vision Sports, he announced the start of the first Professional League to be held in the country.

Each year a comprehensive schedule, notably officialdom was not neglected. In February 2019, Piradej Pruttipruk hosted an ITTF Executive Committee Meeting, later in the year in November an ATTU Board of Directors Meeting.

The full gambit, an outstanding servant to the sport of table tennis, Piradej Pruttipruk is sadly missed but he lives strongly in our memory; condolences to his family, friends and the Table Tennis Association of Thailand.

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