29 Sep 2020

In these difficult and unique times caused by the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, solidarity and working together for the greater good have proven important themes in 2020. That sense of collective teamwork has been captured by a table tennis club in Kosovo with Priping helping to save lives through blood donations.

Members of Priping Table Tennis Club in Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo, have been playing their part in helping the country’s national Covid-19 recovery effort, donating blood at the National Center for Blood Transfusion of Kosovo to those in need of blood transfusions.

The blood transfusions are aimed at aiding patients who have been adversely affected by the virus, especially those who are feeling fatigued.

Showing great togetherness and support for their fellow compatriots, the Priping players and the club’s leadership have been thanked for their role in the initiative:

“We thank you for this much needed initiative in this time of pandemic, we are very grateful for the contribution of every citizen who donates blood. Apart from saving lives by donating blood, your body also benefits by donating blood.” Mrs. Bukurije Zhubi, National Center for Blood Transfusion of Kosovo Director


You can read the full inspiration story via the Priping Table Tennis Club website.

Source: Priping Table Tennis Club

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