11 Sep 2020

The fourth video conference in a six-part series leading up to the ITTF Annual General Meeting (AGM), the 2020 ITTF Finance Forum was aired in an all-new digital form on Thursday 10th September.

In all there were three presentations covered over the duration of the conference, outlining an in-depth summary of ITTF’s financial reflections and forecasts:

  • 2019 Financial Statements – an overview of the financial position, including balance sheet and income statement analysis, and an overview of various incomes and expenses.
  • 2020 Financial Update – due to the unique experience the world is facing in 2020, it was beneficial for the ITTF to provide an update on how the it has been impacted by, and reacted, to COVID-19 and the financial implications which have been faced.
  • Beyond 2020 – looking towards the future. Following significant investment during 2019, and then the uncertainty of the flow on effects from COVID-19, this has presented an opportunity to explore the next stage of growth for table tennis, aligning with the ITTF Strategic Plan.


A warm welcome delivered courtesy of ITTF President Thomas Weikert to open the conference, the following speakers then proceeded update attendees on the financial report:

  • Petra Sörling, ITTF Executive Vice President (Finances)
  • Michael Brown, ITTF Chief Financial Officer
  • Michael Ackermann, Auditor – Mazars


An important update on ITTF’s financial standings, the conference highlighted the main challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the key steps taken to minimise the impact. However, the Finance Forum’s smooth transition to a new online set up proved successful, while the message of optimism surrounding the future of the sport remains strong:

“2020 is certainly a unique year, life has been halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and financially we have all suffered very much. It also made our Finance Forum this year slightly different from previous years. For the first time the forum was held virtually, and, on a positive note, many took the chance to follow and interact. For example, it was requested that we start a financial management course for our members – a positive suggestion that’s fully in line with the ITTF Strategic Plan and how we can improve together with our members and get our sport started again.” Petra Sörling, ITTF Executive Vice President (Finances)

“The Finance Forum provides an opportunity for our members to better understand the financial lifecycle of the ITTF. The way in which the financial movements take place is not straightforward in an international sports federation, therefore it was an opportunity to provide a detailed overview of not just the past financial statements, but also an insight into the current day-to-day financial impacts of living through a pandemic. It was positive to finish on a bright note in focusing towards the future and continued growth of table tennis globally.” Michael Brown, ITTF Chief Financial Officer

2020 ITTF Finance Forum Presentation Slides

Six interactive video conferences have been organised in the build-up to the AGM, according to the following schedule:

1) ITTF Foundation                                                                   1st September 13:00 CEST

2) High Performance and Development                             4th September 13:00 CEST

3) Governance: Propositions and Resolutions to AGM      7th September 13:00 CEST

4) Finance Forum                                                                   10th September 13:00 CEST

5) World Table Tennis                                                             14th September 13:00 CEST

6) World Championships 2023 bids                                      21st September 13:00 CEST

7) ITTF Annual General Meeting                                           28th September 13:00 CEST

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