08 Sep 2020

ITTF’s commitment to Good Governance was the main topic of discussion on Monday 7th September, in what was the third presentation of a six-part video conference series ahead of the ITTF Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled to take place later this month on Monday 28th September.

Originally scheduled to be held during the Hana Bank 2020 ITTF World Team Championships in Busan, Korea Republic, the conference instead embraced its new online form, allowing attendees across the globe to follow along.

The conference opened with a warm welcome from three important figures associated with ITTF’s Good Governance journey: ITTF President Thomas Weikert, ITTF Executive Vice-President in charge of Rules Nestor Tenca and ITTF Rules Committee Chair Rudolf Sporrer. The introductions highlighted the satisfaction surrounding ITTF’s progress in displaying Good Governance, encouraging patience, not complacency, in the Federation’s continuous efforts to improve in the area.

Three sections were tackled during the presentation: ITTF Governance – Progress Report, Propositions and Resolutions for the AGM, before concluding with a Q&A. The ITTF’s progress in ASOIF’s latest review of International Federation Governance was once again underlined, rising 10 positions from the 2018 review, while further measures continue to be taken to enhance ITTF’s performance.

Expertly moderated by ITTF European Marketing Manager Jonny Cowan, the following speakers led proceedings over the course of the conference:

  • Nestor Tenca, ITTF Vice President in charge of Rules
  • Rudolf Sporrer, ITTF Rules Committee Chair
  • Raul Calin, ITTF Secretary General
  • Dylan Mah, ITTF Legal Counsel

“The pandemic has certainly impacted the plans we had for this year, but the ITTF has managed to keep its commitment with governance improvements. After the positive result in this year’s ASOIF review, the Executive Committee is proposing to the AGM the establishment of the ITTF Tribunal and the ITTF Integrity Unit, among other important changes which will certainly help ITTF’s standards to keep improving.” Nestor Tenca, ITTF Executive Vice-President in charge of Rules

“We are very pleased with today’s video conference, as we believe it has achieved the objectives we set last month: being informative about the current governing structure, about the plans for the future, and taking the necessary time to explain and discuss the propositions and resolutions to be voted at our AGM. The feedback we have received from several member associations and committees is of good quality, and we are still on track to incorporate these adjustments, ensuring everyone voting at our AGM does so with full confidence and, equally importantly, showing to the world the ITTF membership’s commitment to Good Governance.” Raul Calin, ITTF Secretary General



Six interactive video conferences have been organised in the build-up to the AGM, according to the following schedule:

1) ITTF Foundation                                                                   1st September 13:00 CEST

2) High Performance and Development                             4th September 13:00 CEST

3) Governance: Propositions and Resolutions to AGM      7th September 13:00 CEST

4) Finance Forum                                                                   10th September 13:00 CEST

5) World Table Tennis                                                             14th September 13:00 CEST

6) World Championships 2023 bids                                      21st September 13:00 CEST

7) ITTF Annual General Meeting                                           28th September 13:00 CEST

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