03 Sep 2020

The first of six online presentations in the build up to the 2020 ITTF General Annual Meeting, the ITTF Foundation video conference was conducted on Tuesday 1st September from the Foundation's official headquarters in Leipzig, Germany.

Providing an update on the ITTF’s Foundation’s positive work with the worldwide table tennis community, around 210 unique online attendees were welcomed to the conference, spanning a duration of just under 90 minutes.

The conference centred around two key blocks – opening with an institutional summary of the ITTF Foundation and its mission, the attention then turned to a special presentation labelled “The power of table tennis – what’s in it for me?” as ITTF Foundation staff highlighted the different opportunities being explored to help deliver a brighter future for the sport. An extensive Q&A session was then held, addressing key issues and concerns from the table tennis community.

Members of the ITTF Foundation board led proceedings, complemented throughout by ITTF Foundation staff with solidarity through table tennis the overarching message. The list of speakers was as follows:

  • ITTF & ITTF Foundation President Thomas Weikert
  • ITTF Vice President & ITTF Foundation Board of Trustees Chair Petra Sörling
  • ITTF Foundation Governing Board Member HRH Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan
  • ITTF CEO & ITTF Foundation Governing Board Member Steve Dainton
  • ITTF Foundation Ambassador & ITTF Athletes Commission Member Sarah Hanffou
  • ITTF Foundation staff


Successful in bringing the Foundation’s mission into the spotlight, the video conference has also been praised for its technical accomplishments, opening a new avenue to help bring future presentations to the masses.

“I am excited that we have started this series of six video presentations on the right foot. The table tennis family is accompanying us along the way to the AGM. Following a successful start to the series, we all have seen that our meetings truly know no borders, nor viruses. It has demonstrated that the technology, and efficiency of all involved turns out these great virtual meetings and presents us with a wonderful opportunity to broaden our reach.” Thomas Weikert, ITTF & ITTF Foundation President

“It has been a great experience to be able to speak to such a wide audience of decision makers. The challenge of setting this up provided us with a big opportunity to learn and I think we embraced this digital format to its full. Yesterday, we were in the spotlight, presenting the Foundation and our full team. Thanks to all who have made this possible. I think we discovered a new way forward for presentations and meetings that enables all of us to stay connected.” Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director

There is no doubt that the ITTF Foundation presents opportunities for everyone, whether it be National Associations for players or for any other member of our global table tennis family. Opportunities for All. For Life.

Six interactive video conferences have been organised in the build-up to the AGM, according to the following schedule:

1) ITTF Foundation                                                                   1st September 13:00 CEST

2) High Performance and Development                             4th September 13:00 CEST

3) Governance: Propositions and Resolutions to AGM      7th September 13:00 CEST

4) Finance Forum                                                                   10th September 13:00 CEST

5) World Table Tennis                                                             14th September 13:00 CEST

6) World Championships 2023 bids                                      21st September 13:00 CEST

7) ITTF Annual General Meeting                                           28th September 13:00 CEST

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