01 Sep 2020

The ITTF’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be taking place on 28th September 2020 and, for the first time ever, it will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Physically distanced but digitally united, the ITTF aims to keep its delegates fully up to date across all key areas with six interactive video conferences organised in the build-up to the AGM, according to the following schedule:

1) ITTF Foundation                                                                   1st September 13:00 CEST

2) High Performance and Development                             4th September 13:00 CEST

3) Governance: Propositions and Resolutions to AGM      7th September 13:00 CEST

4) Finance Forum                                                                   10th September 13:00 CEST

5) World Table Tennis                                                             14th September 13:00 CEST

6) World Championships 2023 bids                                      21st September 13:00 CEST

7) ITTF Annual General Meeting                                           28th September 13:00 CEST

During the conference on 21st September 2020, the cities of Düsseldorf (Germany) and Durban (South Africa) will present their bids to host the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships.

In order to ensure the best possible experience for its delegates, the ITTF has already conducted a first rehearsal for the proposed video conferences, attended by over 150 participants.

“We are pleased to see the level of response shown during the AGM rehearsal. People from all corners of the world joined us, and this shows their commitment. We look forward to making September a month enriched by multiple digital experiences, culminating in our first ever virtual AGM, which we want to ensure that our members can truly enjoy.” – Raul Calin, ITTF Secretary General

During the coming weeks, further rehearsals will be conducted to test the interpretation software and the electronic voting system, which will be used at the AGM on 28th September, as best efforts are made to ensure that the ITTF’s first ever online-held AGM is a success.

Furthermore, the ITTF plans to complement these formal video conference sessions with two or three more presentations, focusing on Equipment, Governance and the International Competitions Calendar, in order to keep all stakeholders fully up to date on all current topics.

Media can apply to attend the 2020 ITTF AGM by clicking here.

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