07 Aug 2020

The ITTF is developing official guidelines, which must be implemented by all organisers of future ITTF events in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving across the world, with some nations easing and also tightening restrictions as required, the ITTF is gradually seeing an opening of society where infection numbers have been declining. In the table tennis community, there has been a return to action in many parts of the world, whilst in others ITTF members may be training at home or focusing on their mental and physical strength.

Whilst it has been encouraging to see how determined the table tennis community is to stay active in the sport even in tough times, it has become evident that international events are not only essential to the livelihood of professional players, coaches and associations, but also a major aspect of keeping the community connected.

Fully determined to organise international events going forwards, the ITTF has set out to develop official guidelines, which must be implemented by all event organisers, and the ITTF will continue to refine this document and its procedures with input from health authorities and public health and infectious disease specialists.

Click here to read the ITTF’s COVID-19 Recommendations document in full.

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