16 Aug 2020

Only 12 year of age, Hana Goda has the world at her feet; presently she is listed in top spot on the under 15 girls’ world rankings.

However, she has learnt new skills while observing lockdown, necessitated by COVID-19.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

If there is anything Hana Goda has missed during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the opportunity to travel across the world to compete but, like every athlete, Hana Goda has also picked up new skills during lockdown:

“I missed competing all over the world but during the lockdown, I have learnt to cook, draw and organise myself.”

Nevertheless, new opportunities have arisen.

“During the lockdown I trained every day and had time to rest. I also have had time to read books and spend time with my family.”

Notably Hana Goda is listed among Egypt’s five players strong women’s team for the 2020 World Team Championships.

“My target this year was to play the World Team Championship in Korea and show myself to the world. I also want to compete at the 2020 World Cadet Challenge with a target of emerging as champion.” Hana Goda

She admitted that she had missed competition while is eagerly looking forward to competing after COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since we have been in lockdown, I missed the competitions a lot but during this period I have been training to improve in some areas of my game as well as improve all my abilities.” Hana Goda

Moreover, Goda is not ready to surrender her number one spot in the world.

“To remain number one I have to be ready because they can start any tournament soon.” Hana Goda

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