11 Aug 2020

Starting on Saturday 8 August 2020, a set of warm-up matches will take place for the Chinese national team in order to best prepare for next year's Tokyo Olympic Games.

In total, there will be 50 players participating in a men’s singles tournament and 42 players in a women’s singles event.

Leading up to this event, there have unfortunately been several cancellations by the Chinese players. Liu Shiwen, the top seed for the practice event, has decided to focus on recovering from her recent elbow surgery. Ding Ning will also be taking a well-earned rest.

“Liu Shiwen has been affected by an elbow injury. Recently, she also underwent surgery. After the operation, Liu Shiwen is now actively recovering with the help of the national team’s medical team. Therefore, Liu Shiwen will not participate in this competition.” Li Sun, head coach, Chinese women’s team

Li Sun also explained that the two senior players have encountered different difficulties with injuries recently. Li believes that they will both be back stronger than ever. The team will do its best to help and encourage them to turn the tide and counter these difficulties.

“Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Olympics were postponed, disrupting everyone’s preparation plans. The team had also conducted a closed training camp for five months before, which had a great impact on the team’s veterans. Ding Ning also trained with the team, hoping to use this time to adjust her body and condition and not participate in this competition.” Li Sun

Zhu Yuling will also miss out, due to certain medical issue which is keeping her from being actively involved in practice sessions and such events. The women’s team head coach Li further said:

“Zhu Yuling recently had a sudden problem with her immune system. After going to the hospital for a system check, the hospital’s medical experts advised her to stay in hospital for further observation and treatment, so she could not participate in this competition.” Li Sun

This situation means that the three seeded women players – Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling – will not be participating. Thus there has been a change to the seeding lists.

Xu Xin will not be lining up with Liu Shiwen in this tournament.


The same has been the situation for the mixed doubles event, where a total of 16 pairs which will be fighting it out. As Liu Shiwen will not be participating, Sun Yingsha will become Xu Xin’s partner. The pair are seeded no.2.

Finally, for the team event, there will be 16 teams playing in the men’s team competition and 14 in the women’s team competition.

Following are the seeding lists for the tournament:

Men’s Singles

1. Fan Zhendong
2. Xu Xin
3. Ma Long
4. Lin Gaoyuan
5. Liang Jingkun
6. Wang Chuqin
7. Zhao Zihao
8. Xu Chenhao
9. Sun Wen
10. Yan An
11. Xiang Peng
12. Xu Yingbin
13. Xu Haidong
14. Zhou Qihao
15. Zheng Peifeng
16. Yu Ziyang

Women’s Singles

1. Chen Meng
2. Sun Yingsha
3. Wang Manyu
4. Wang Yidi
5. Chen Xingtong
6. He Zhuojia
7. Qian Tianyi
8. Gu Yuting
9. Zhang Rui
10. Liu Fei
11. Sun Mingyang
12. Liu Weishan
13. Zhang Qiang
14. Fan Siqi
15. Feng Yalan
16. Li Jiayi

Mixed Doubles Pairing

1. Fan Zhendong/Chen Meng
2. Xu Xin/Sun Yingsha
3. Wang Chuqin/Wang Manyu
4. Zhao Zihao/Chen Xintong
5. Liang Jingkun/Gu Yuting
6. Lin Gaoyuan/Sun Mingyang
7. Zhou Qihao/Chen Ke
8. Hou Yingchao/Liu Fei

Men’s Team List

1. Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong
2. Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun,Wang Chuqin
3. Yan An, Zhou Qihao, Liu Dingshuo
4. Xu Chenhao, Zhou Yu, Zhao Zihao
5. Fang Bo, Xue Fei,Yu Ziyang
6. Ma Te, Hou Yingchao, Zhang Chao, Cui Qinglei
7. Zheng Peifeng, Xu Haidong, Xiang Peng

Women’s Team List

1. Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Wang Manyu
2. Chen Xingtong, Gu Yuting, Sun Mingyang
3. Liu Fei, Wang Yidi, Qian Tianyi
4. Zhang Rui, He Zhoujia, Chen Ke
5. Wu Yang, Zhang Qiang, Fan Siqi

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

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