29 Jun 2020

World Table Tennis (WTT) is honoured to announce that Mr Liu Guoliang, President of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, will become Chair of the newly formed WTT Council, taking overall leadership and responsibility for pioneering the future of table tennis.

Putting players and fans at the very heart of its mission, WTT was set up by the ITTF in August 2019, a milestone in the professionalisation reforms of the sport, to modernise its commercial business activities and realise the full potential of table tennis in order to compete and excel among the highest-profile sports in the world.

The WTT Council will ensure the healthy development of WTT and be at the helm of the future development of the sport. Therefore, a true leader in the industry is needed to take on the position and direct the journey towards a brighter future.

Mr Liu Guoliang is an extremely well-respected leader within the global table tennis community, demonstrating the perfect calibre and richest of career achievements. Following a stellar playing career, in which he won gold medals at the Olympics and World Table Tennis Championships, Mr Liu Guoliang has since overseen serial success as the head coach of the Chinese National Team and as the President of the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA), the world’s most successful table tennis association.

WTT is highly honoured to welcome Mr Liu Guoliang as Chair of the WTT Council. We believe that, by following his direction, the global table tennis community will strive for a common goal, driving the WTT Council as well as our sport to the next level.

Exclusive Interview

“Table tennis has enriched my life in so many ways and I have dedicated my life to this sport over many years. Therefore, I am immensely proud and honoured to have the opportunity to direct the WTT Council and help to make table tennis one of the leading sports in the world.” – Liu Guoliang, WTT Council Chair & CTTA President

“Liu Guoliang is an undisputed table tennis legend for what he has achieved both as a player, a coach and as President of the world’s leading national association, China. We are delighted to be welcoming him on board as Chair of the WTT Council. His CV speaks for itself and we firmly believe that he is the perfect man to help deliver success to WTT and to table tennis for many years to come.” – Khalil Al-Mohannadi, WTT Board Member & ITTF Deputy President

“For the success of WTT and table tennis as a whole, it is imperative that we have people of the highest order actively involved in shaping the future of our sport. The fact that Liu Guoliang is the most influential figure in table tennis, not only in China but around the globe, position him perfectly as Chair of the WTT Council. We certainly hope to take advantage of his reputation and influence for the global promotion of table tennis, making it especially appealing for the younger generations. The whole sports industry is in the shadow of the pandemic and we place our hope in Liu Guoliang to spark the future of our sport. This appointment is fantastic news for the entire table tennis family.” – Steve Dainton, WTT Board Member & ITTF CEO

About WTT and the WTT Council

The WTT Council, led by Liu Guoliang as its Chair, will consist of key stakeholders in the global game, including but not limited to: players both past and present, crucial contributors to international table tennis, event hosts and ITTF personnel. The WTT Council will be the governing body of WTT towards the public and the market. It serves to represent the views of all key table tennis stakeholders worldwide, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone is on the journey together.

The remaining members of the WTT Council will be announced shortly.

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