11 Jun 2020

Success is the result of the way you train. But do you really know how and what to train?

ITTF High Performance and Development will publish a series of Weekly Training Lessons. Every Friday, we will be bringing to you a brand new training lesson, focusing on technical and tactical elements that will help you train better and help you win more matches in the future.

by Dora Jeler, High Performance & Development Operations Manager

Here you can watch and learn from professionals as they implement those elements in real match situations, winning points based on what they have been training. To make it easier for you to follow suit, we will demonstrate the exact practice drill on an animated table, as well as showing you how to implement the practice in the training hall.

So tune in every Friday for our Weekly Training Lessons and start winning!

Stupa Sports Analytics

The Weekly Training Lessons are brought to you by ITTF High Performance and Development, in co-operation Stupa Sports Analytics. Stupa, an India based company, has developed an innovative software for analysing table tennis matches and practice sessions.

Notably, the software captures the data from the videos and harnesses the power of data analytics to analyse an athlete’s technical performance, derive trends and patterns from historic data and provide a detailed analysis of an athlete’s game.

Additionally, the schedule will include video analytics for our “With The Future In Mind” scholarship holders.

Lily Zhang, a With the Future in Mind scholarship holder (Photo: Rémy Gros)
High Performance and Development Coaching Lily Zhang