11 Jun 2020

The world is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire table tennis community has been severely affected by an extended period of no events.

We are therefore asking for your kind donations to the #TableTennisUnited campaign in order to support the athletes, coaches, umpires, national associations and field projects who are all in need of a helping hand in these difficult times.

Join us for #TableTennisUnited

#TableTennisUnited is a show of defiant solidarity in the face of a COVID-19 enforced shutdown of the sport and any donations that you can spare will be hugely appreciated by the whole table tennis family.

The donation campaign is powered by the ITTF Foundation and supported by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and World Table Tennis (WTT), the new commercial and events vehicle of the ITTF, who together have committed to donate more than USD 250,000 to the cause.

Each of the three entities is taking a stand and offering support in different ways. Since the athletes are at the heart of everything that WTT stands for, it is fully committed to supporting them throughout this challenging time. Meanwhile, the ITTF will support its members, as the ITTF Foundation supports the community through field projects around the globe.

We – the global table tennis family – feel obliged to take on this responsibility. It is imperative that we all make our contribution in this challenging time so that community spirit rises above all else. This vision should bring us even closer together and give us strength for the future.

Together, stronger!
How we support

It is more important than ever that the table tennis community receives all the support it requires and the #TableTennisUnited campaign will lend its hand in a number of key areas.

Financial support

  • To aid the distribution of basic emergency needs related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • To support the provision of material and products on site (masks, disinfectants, protective suits, hygiene articles, necessities, etc.)
  • To support medical treatments for athletes, teams, coaches, other ITTF family members and the community at our field projects.

Know-how & information

#TableTennisUnited will also be raising awareness by providing official information about suitable protective measures against COVID-19 through manuals and instructions (e.g. instructions on how to make masks and protectors with existing materials).

Benefits in kind

#TableTennisUnited welcomes any assistance with supplying important equipment and material to help protect the table tennis community from the impact of COVID-19.

If you can offer relevant donations in kind, please contact us for details.

Who we support

#TableTennisUnited is supporting the entire table tennis family worldwide: athletes, coaches, umpires, national associations and field projects, who are all in need of help.

The virus is a massive threat in the developing world, but our partners are rising to the challenge to help their communities to stay safe and to keep their spirits up.

Ghana – NK & Asoba Foundations – one of the first #TableTennisUnited field projects, providing food for community members while they cannot work due to lockdown.


In April, the ITTF Foundation decided to reallocate funds towards solutions generated by the leaders of various field projects to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on their communities. As the effects of the pandemic drag on, ITTF Foundation Dream Building fund partners have shifted their activities dramatically to bring solutions to the immediate needs of their communities: food, hygiene kits, information and education.

Grantees in Ecuador, Ghana, India, Kenya and Uganda have adapted and brought solutions to their communities in these challenging times. We continue to stand by all our grantees during this global crisis.

#TableTennisUnited social campaign

Our table tennis community is one of the 10 largest sports communities in the world, with presence in 226 nations. Fully in keeping with the spirit of collective togetherness, #TableTennisUnited will promote solidarity through sport via the #PassTheBallOn social media campaign.

#PassTheBallOn sees selected ambassadors recording special messages to call for support for the fundraiser campaign while holding on to the ball, before passing the ball on to the next person. The compilation video of all the ambassadors’ messages is visible on all ITTF and ITTF Foundation social platforms for the launch of the campaign:

Stars pledge their support

A common theme seen throughout the campaign is standing alongside the whole table tennis community and that includes the very best players the sport has to offer.

Two of the leading names on the professional scene, former world no.1 player Timo Boll (GER) and three-time world champion Ding Ning (CHN) are two of the proposed ambassadors and have pledged their backing for the campaign:

“Hi, I am Timo Boll. I am not only a professional table tennis player. I am also part of our society, which is asked more than ever to stick together and take responsibility in these challenging times. I support our international campaign #TableTennisUnited and our global fight against COVID-19. Get involved and support our community too with your donation. Together we are stronger. Join us!” Timo Boll


“Hi, I am Ding Ning. As long as I can remember playing table tennis, we have never faced such a global challenge in the world of sports. I am firmly convinced that we can only overcome this crisis together as a team. I support our campaign #TableTennisUnited to do my part to help where our aid is most needed right now. Join us with your donation!” Ding Ning

Click here for more information about #TableTennisUnited and you can play your part in the effort by making your donation here.

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