21 May 2020

While much of the world is still on lockdown and waiting for international events to return, the ITTF is keeping fans entertained with wall-to-wall content across ITTF.com and its growing family of social media platforms.

Here we fill you in on all the big hits from recent weeks and a glimpse of what you can look forward to!

By James Francis

🗣 “Ask A Pro Anything at home” 🏠

Popular interview series “Ask A Pro Anything” continues to hit a screen near you, this time from the comfort of the players’ homes! India’s Sharath Kamal Achanta starred in the first episode under the new arrangement, with Hugo Calderano and Simon Gauzy next to join Adam Bobrow on the series sponsored by andro.

There is a twist to proceedings this time, as each player is faced with a quiz challenge. Who will end up top of theleaderboard, we wonder?! As ever, guests answer a whole variety of questions from the fans on social media, enabling table tennis followers to still connect with their stars even during quarantine.

Have fun at home!

🎶🎵 Alive and Kicking on TikTok! 🕺🏼💃🏻

Always on the lookout to broaden its reach, the ITTF is officially up and running on TikTok. Fun, short-form videos and challenges are being posted daily to the platform, keeping the ITTF’s new generation of fans engaged, entertained and in high spirits!

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🇸🇪 “Super Swedes” kick off European week! 👌

When was the last time you saw Jan-Ove Waldner, Mikael Appelgren and Jörgen Persson all on the same screen?! To our delight, the legendary Swedish trio that graced the game between the 1980s and early 2000s agreed to hop on a call with us!

How did they overcome the might of China? What made Team Sweden so special back then? How did they stay friends despite their fierce rivalry? All of these burning questions are answered as well as many funny stories retold!

Indeed the Super Swedes have kicked off an exciting European-themed week across the ITTF’s social media channels, as you can see from this mouth-watering schedule:



Make sure to keep an eye on ITTF.com for insightful player interviews and features from Europe such as Team England’s rising star, Tin-Tin Ho! Watch this space for more to come…

This time it’s Europe, but the upcoming weeks will see the dial shifting to different parts of the globe!

Happy Reading!

📲 Instagram Live Takeovers! 😃

Players have been taking over the ITTF’s official Instagram account to call their table tennis friends and colleagues to a live audience, offering fans even more opportunities to get to know their favourite athletes on a more personal level.

Featuring a wide range of players from all corners of the world, many more star names are set to join the party in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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🏓 Best of ITTF World Tour! 💥


This year’s Japan, Hong Kong and China Opens had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but fans have been treated to the best of the action from previous editions of the tournament trio during exactly the same weeks that the events would have taken place.

After all, who could say “no” to classic “blast from the past” action?! From full matches to highlights to best points, we’ve got you covered across our YouTube channel and also on itTV.

Breath-taking match action!


In this difficult moment for the world, one thing is certain: stay tuned across ITTF’s digital channels for endless stories to keep you entertained. 🏓

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