15 May 2020

Unable to play in the recently live televised “Top of Austria” tournament in Vienna; being forced to withdraw at the last moment owing a recurring pain in her right hip, Sofia Polcanova now starts her road to recovery.

On Wednesday 6th May she underwent surgery, the following day, crutches in hand but a bright smile, she left hospital.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Now she faces a quite daunting challenge, to be ready for the Liebherr 2020 European Championships, planned to be staged in Warsaw from Tuesday 15th to Sunday 20th September.

Moreover she is very much a title contender, currently listed at no.14 on the women’s world rankings, she is Europe’s top name.

Warsaw in the balance

Eight days after the arthroscopy (key-hole surgery) she spoke to Miguel Daxner, the Press Officer for the Austrian Table Tennis Federation and was most certainly in a positive frame of mind.

“I only have a little pain now, I have been able to start physiotherapy. I think I can start table tennis training again in three months. For the first few days, the programme was very gentle. I worked out following exercises designed by my physiotherapist Christoph Peer at the Olympic Centre; it was very hard. Next week I should be able to exercise without the crutches.” Sofia Polcanova

A possible three months, for the 25 year old, who represents Linz AG Froschberg, her participation in Warsaw is in the balance.

Positive signs

Nevertheless, early signs are that rehabilitation is progressing better than expected, the loads which her right leg is able to take gradually higher. An intensive rehabilitation programme is next on the agenda.

“At the beginning I was in really bad pain, for five days I could only sleep on my back, I couldn’t turn over. Now I’m doing upper body exercises while sitting and a few things while standing. The normal build-up period is between eight and twelve weeks.” Sofia Polcanova

Competing in the Liebherr 2020 European Championships is high on the agenda of Sofia Polcanova but not at the top of order?

Wedding bells

She is busy planning her wedding, set for the summer in Linz

“We wanted to get married at the end of August but everything is on hold due to the coronavirus. We want my mum, who is currently in Moldova, to be there. So we are dependent on opening the borders.” Sofia Polcanova.

Let’s hope those borders open and Sofia Polcanova enjoys a special August day. “Happy is the bride who the sun shines on” so they say; could that be the scenario not only  in Linz but also in Warsaw?

Operation successful (Photo: courtesy of Sofia Polcanova)



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