08 May 2020

Activity in Hungary as the women’s team returned to training, a televised tournament in Austria; now Greece follows suit.

Staged at the Stadium of Peace and Friendship in Athens, on Thursday 7th May, eight members of the Greek national team, part of the Olympic programme, returned to action.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

It is the first time since mid-March, when quarantine was imposed, that the premises have been open for any sport.

Permission to hold training sessions was granted by Lefteris Avgenakis, the Deputy Minister of Sport, on the condition that the regulations of the Health Scientific Committee of Sports were followed.

Thus practice commenced; moreover practice commenced in the presence of a distinguished guest, George Mavrotas, the General Secretary of Sport, a former renowned water polo athelete, was present.

Gender equality

Under the guidance of Konstantinos Vatsaklis and Konstantinos Kostopoulos, national coaches, there was gender equality. Panagiotis Gionis, Ioannis Sgouropoulos, Konstantinos Aggelakis and Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos were present alongside their female counterparts Katerina Toliou, Georgia Zavitsanou, Elisavet Terpou and Malamatenia Papadimitriou.

“We are going gently, with absolute attention and observance of the rules of hygiene so that we can all start training as soon as possible. We are making an effort to restore normalcy to all. We are in an individual sport, we have team spirit and individual responsibility. Many people have worked hard to get started.” Konstantinos Vatsaklis and Konstantins Kostopoulos

In addition Manolis Kolympadis, President of the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation alongside Christina Tsiligiri and Panagiotis Koutsogiannis attended, the respective President and Director of the Peace and Friendship Stadium.

Players adhere to social distancing (Photo: courtesy of Hellenic Table Tennis Federation)


Hygiene requirements met

On entering the premises the temperature of all players was measured with special thermometers. Antiseptic dispensers were placed on the wall , gloves, masks, disinfectants were made available, distances being strictly observed.

Notably, the locker rooms are not used; play was conducted behind closed doors.

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