29 Apr 2020

Cities and countries across the world are competing to stage an exciting programme of events when the new era of World Table Tennis (WTT) gets under way in 2021, with bidding still open for interested parties to grasp this unique opportunity.

A completely revamped event structure is offering unprecedented opportunities to hosts, reaching far beyond the tangible economic benefits of bringing a captive live audience to cities.

WTT events will put cities in the spotlight like never before through:

  • Extensive global TV distribution (over 1 billion viewers for 2019 events) and world-class TV production run and managed by WTT.
  • Integrated digital and social promotion through WTT’s growing global fan base (over 4 million).
  • Player appearances at iconic landmarks of host cities.
  • Integrated TV features of host cities.
  • Destination marketing, enticing table tennis’ global 500 million strong fan base to enjoy play and stay opportunities in WTT host cities.
  • Unrivalled activation for local brands to associate with global table tennis.
  • Opportunities for global superstars to interact with the local community through school and hospital visits.

Over 40 cities from all corners of the globe have shown interest to host WTT events at all tier levels of the WTT event structure, from the Grand Smashes at the pinnacle, through to the WTT Series (Cup Finals, Champions, Contenders). Click here to read about the WTT event structure in more depth.

From London to Tokyo to Melbourne, there has been plenty of interest coming from existing National Associations as well as corporate and government sectors with event promoters and government entities also putting themselves forward to be part of WTT from 2021, therefore joining a strong network of partnerships across the globe to deliver an exciting future for table tennis.

An inclusive sport, table tennis does not require intensive infrastructure or equipment and is accessible to all. With entry places for host nations, staging these events will give countries and governing bodies access to elite competitions and ensure that home-grown talent will be able to participate in these highly competitive events.

Interested parties may continue to submit their expression of interest or contact WTT to discuss joining the other cities in the running to host a WTT event in 2021 and beyond.

“COVID-19 has undeniably shaken the world of sport this year, but thanks to the proactive steps taken and forward thinking in launching WTT in 2021, the entire table tennis community is geared up to building a brighter future for the sport once the pandemic eventually passes.” – Stephen Duckitt, WTT Event Strategy Director

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