03 Apr 2020

In difficult times, it is our will to come together that makes us stronger.

Check out the many ways ITTF and the fans of table tennis have made the best of our time indoors to stay social and keep everyone's spirits up!

by Kabir Nagpal

Being social doesn’t have to be in person! With the amazing technology in our hands today, players, fans and the ITTF across social media have engaged in fun activities to keep everyone busy expressing their love for this amazing sport.

Not only are these videos keeping everyone smiling, but they are also bringing together our table tennis community in hard times and allowing people to see their heroes as people just like them – who are following the necessary advice of the health authorities and leading the line.

It has become increasingly important to keep everyone involved at such a difficult time and we at ITTF are doing our bit to help keep our fans happy and engage them no matter where they are in the world!

Here’s our top Hashtag campaigns of last week:

Safe Table Tennis

#SafeTableTennis – Fans from across the globe produced videos of how they are playing table tennis while quarantined at home with anything and everything they can find. You can see all our posted videos on ITTF social media channels and send us your own!

Train Like A Pro

#TrainLikeAPro – Home Edition: A rather fun spin-off of the ongoing #TrainLikeAPro series, elite athletes and young players are filming themselves and sharing how they are staying fit and training while quarantined at home to stay on top of their game. Remember – just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t train!

Of course, the pro players have kept themselves busy while working from home – just like Portugal’s Tiago Apolonia and his very adorable new coach!


#BLOCKcovid19⛔- Of course, who can forget what this really is all about? We are all fighting the COVID-19 virus, and there are some creative methods to do so according to the best players in the world!

Watch this truly innovative way of blowing out birthday candles by China’s Lin Gaoyuan:


And also this fun video on how to combat the virus from physical distancing!

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