13 Mar 2020

The top four seeds in the junior boys’ singles event, the host nation’s Carlos Fernandez and Adolfo Cucho alongside Brazil’s Kenzo Carmo and Matias Pedraza not required to compete in the group stage of play at the 2020 Peru Junior and Cadet Open in Lima, the names to attract the attention on Thursday 12th March, were Ecuador’s Joseph Vasquez and Nicolas Nishimura, like Kenzo Carmo from Brazil.

Both started as the lowest rated player in their respective groups, both ended the day unbeaten, in first place and thus through to the main draw.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Pride of place went to Joseph Vasquez, he finished ahead of Argentina’s Christian Azcoaga, Peru’s Juan Luna and Chile’s Josthyn Miranda; notably Juan Luna started the day, the no.8 seed, he finished the day the most prominent name not to reserve a place in the main draw.

In all events, players finishing in first and second positions in each group advance to the main draw.

Good form from Joseph Vasquez, it was the same from Nicolas Nishimura; he ended matters in top spot with Ecuador’s Jeremy Cedeño, the no.2 seed, the next in line, followed by Argentina’s Ignacio Jaimovich and Peru’s Alvaro Shavez.

Surprise first places and there more, Brazil’s Gustavo Gertsmann and Thiago Motizuki topped their groups contrary to expectations, as did Peru’s José Zapata and Adrian Rubiños alongside Argentina’s Lautoro Sato and Colombia’s Santiago Montes.

An unexpected first place for Adrian Rubiños (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


Notably the top three in the preliminary stage, all with the same sounding first names, Argentina’s Matias Guadalupe and Matias Velarde in addition to Ecuador’s Mathias Lecaro, all ended play unbeaten and in group first places.

First places against the odds

Unexpected outcomes in the junior boys’ singles initial stage, in an event were all competed in the initial phase, in the junior girls’ singles, the greatest surprise was the first place secured by Peru’s Lucciana Cisneros, the lowest rated in her group she finished ahead of Ecuador’s Maria Borja and Chile’s Sofia Perez, the no.13 seed.

Likewise, there were surprise top positions for Peru’s Francesca Escobedo and Delia Soria, as well as for Argentina’s Valentina Parola, Chile’s Sofia Vega and Brazil’s Karina Shiray.

A surprise first place for Valentina Parola (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


Most significantly, the leading names, eyes set on a podium finish, duly topped their groups. The Brazilian trio of Laura Watanabe, Giulia Takahashi and Livia Lima secured first places, as did Chile’s Jerusalen Flores, Mariam Ruiz and Macarena Montecino alongside Ecuador’s Mylena Plaza and Peru’s Alessandra Cisneros.

Lowest listed

Meanwhile, in the cadet boys’ singles event, Argentina’s Lisandro Blasco topped the surprise list; the lowest listed in his group, he secured pole position ahead of Chile’s Jaime Lama, the no.5 seed and the host nation’s Juan Evanan. Similarly, there were surprise first positions for Peru’s Julio Villar in addition to Argentina’s Ignacio Jaimovich and Nicolas Callaba.

Surprise first places but not amongst the top four, Ecuador’s Diego Piguave and Jeremy Cedeño all reserved top positions as did Colombia’s Felipe Fajardo and Josthyn Miranda.

Impressive performances against the odds from the host nation; it was the same in the cadet girls’ singles, Cecilia Zea and Karla Mendoza reserved first places, both starting the day as the lowest rated in their initial phase group. Cecilia Zea finished ahead of Chile’s Sofia Perez, the no.4 seed and colleague Andrea Becerra; next in line to Karla Mendoza came Argentina’s Naomi Marino with Chile’s Maria Valenzuela, the no.12 seed, in third position.

A determined Cecilia Zea secured first place in her group (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


Outcomes contrary to expectations but not amongst the top three names, Brazil’s Giulia Takahashi, Chile’s Fernanda Araneda and Colombia’s Juliana Lozada all enjoyed a trouble free day; none surrendered a single game en route to first place.

Youngest age group

Worthy performances, it was the same in the very youngest age group.

In the mini-cadet boys’ singles, first group places were reserved by the Peru’s Pablo Lau, Juan Evanan, Gonzalo Vera and Nicolas Galliano, alongside the Dominican Republic’s Rafael Cabrera and Brazil’s Vicenzo Nakashima.

Likewise, it was top spots in the mini-cadet girls’ singles for Ecuador’s Maria Borja and Keimy Anchundia in addition to Peru’s Alessia Colfer and Pamela Chipana alongside Brazil’s Karina Shiray.

Maria Borja finished the day in top spot in her mini-cadet girls’ singles group  (Photo: Rinna Sansotta)


The main draw in commences on Friday 13th March, the day on which the doubles events will be played in entirety.

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