12 Mar 2020

The inspiration of Nenad Bach, a Croatian recording artist who for some 35 years has lived in the United States, last October, the inaugural ITTF Parkinson’s World Championships were successfully staged in Pleasantville, a splendidly located village in Westchester county, New York.

Now from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th of August 2020, for the second edition, Berlin will play host.

by Christian Belter, ITTF Foundation – Marketing Manager

Players with Parkinson’s from around world will gather in the German city; some will gain medals but all will fight for one common goal to demonstrate the beneficial effects of table tennis for those with Parkinson’s.

Present at the Westchester Club, the venue for inaugural event, motivating all was Thomas Weikert, ITTF President; now he looks forward to the next edition.

“I am very pleased that the ITTF Parkinson’s World Table Tennis Championships 2020 are taking place in Berlin, Germany. At our first ITTF Parkinson’s WTTC in New York last year, I could witness with my own eyes how helpful it is for those affected to motivate each other and to exchange ideas across borders at such an international event. With the experience of the first ITTF Parkinson’s WTTC 2019, I am sure that we will have an even bigger event in Berlin this year to support and motivate people with Parkinson’s and their surroundings.” Thomas Weikert

Thanks to YUVEDO, a Germany based company offering solutions for people with Parkinson’s to successfully manage the symptoms, we can count on a strong and very motivated host for the 2020 edition.

Most certainly, Leandro Olvech, ITTF Foundation Director, like Thomas Weikert present in Westechester, is both increasingly aware of the benefits table tennis brings to those who experience Parkinson’s and also the benefits the sport affords the wider sphere of health.

“The first edition of the ITTF Parkinson´s World Table Tennis Championships in New York have been a very emotional event where we learned lots of stories on how table tennis improves lifes of people with Parkinson’s disease. When we opened our Headquarters in Germany one year ago, one of the first visitors was Jens Greve, the Berlin 2020 LOC chairperson, and he came with an exciting proposal to promote table tennis for people with Parkinson in Germany. Now that the project got bigger and we are keen to see its impact worldwide. I am sure Berlin 2020 will be a platform for more stories, more players and countries and provide a great scenario for the second edition. It is fantastic to see this project growing and evolving as part of our Foundation program TT4Health.” Leandro Olvech


Most certainly there is an air of anticipation, a competitor in Westchester, there were few who could match Jens Greve for his sheer enthusiasm and positive outlook on life. Alongside, YUVEDO, Jens Greve is committed to developing opportunities to improve the quality of life for those affected by Parkinson’s.

“We believe in the unifying power of sport; we know about the therapeutic effect of table tennis for Parkinson’s disease and we love this great sport. Therefore, we are proud and happy to host the ITTF Parkinson’s Table Tennis World Championship 2020 in Berlin and we will do everything for a truly memorable and fantastic tournament.” Jens Greve, Berlin 2020 LOC chairperson

Women’s team medallists at the first ITTF Parkinson’s Table Tennis World Championships 2019 (Photo: Warren Rosenberg)


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