08 Mar 2020

Now firmly established, the traditional weekend, Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March, was once again the time on the calendar for national championships.

Familiar names on the international scene were present; in many instances titles being retained.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Notably in Belgium Cédric Nuytinck won the men’s singles title for a fourth time; in England Liam Pitchford made it six, three in a row. In the counterpart women’s singles event Tin-Tin Ho emerged successful for a fourth time.

Additionally, Paul Drinkhall and Liam Pitchford joined forces to claim the men’s doubles crown for a seventh time in a tournament that also included Para events. Jack Hunter-Spivey won men’s singles class 3-5, Commonwealth Games and World champion, Ross Wilson struck gold in class 7-10.

Likewise in Hungary, there was a wide ranging schedule, hopes, cadet and junior events were included in a tournament which witnessed success for Adam Szudi and Dora Madarasz in the respective men’s singles and women’s singles events; impressively for Dora Madarasz she won for a consecutive fourth time.

Worthy performances but top of the list came in Montenegro. Filip Radovic, a class 10 para athlete, won the men’s singles title but star of the show was Snezana Culafic, she emerged the women’s singles champion, partnered sister Dragana to women’s doubles gold, in addition to reserving the top step of the mixed doubles podium in partnership with Filip Radulovic.

In Germany, the men’s singles title finished in the hand of Ricardo Walther, the women’s singles in the grasp of Nina Mittelham; in Russia Lev Katsman secured the men’s singles crown, the women’s singles title was claimed by Anna Tokhomirova.

Moments of pride, it was the same in France for Simon Gauzy, the men’s singles winner as it was for Carole Grundisch, the women’s singles champion.

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