06 Mar 2020

Three titles secured on Thursday 5th March, the host nation enjoyed a most successful second day of action at the 2020 Congo Junior and Cadet Open in Kinshasa; imposing performances were very much the order of proceedings.

The one errant title finished in the hands of Hungary’s Helga Dari and Togo’s Ayoko Fanida Amah.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In all events play administered on a group basis Helga Dari and Ayoko Fanida Amah finished ahead of Congo Democratic’s Gloria Dianda and Imbi Veronique Moupie; third place was secured by the combination of Angola’s Eugenia Simoes and the host country’s Izazu Chance Nisona.

Success for visitors, in the remaining events home grown players prevailed.

In the junior boys’ team event the combination of Christian Mbonga, Exauce Ngefussa, Noredi Bongo and Rabby Kasota reserved first place. Second position was gained by Burundi’s Adour Razak Derrsa who joined forces with Congo Brazzaville’s Dryche Ekoya Kanga and Arxy Gauchy; third place finished in the possession of the home country trio formed by Josue Olenga, Jean Kalubuenda, Bizaku Chandelier Nadngala and Palata Christ Malisu.

Top three places

Congo Democratic to the fore; in both the cadet boys’ team and cadet girls’ team events, the hosts occupied the top three positions.

In the cadet boys’ team competition it was first place for Exauce Diampovisa, Kassa Caleb Dikizeyiko and Mbaku Issa Basele. Next in line came Tusimbana Merdi Kifi, Tamayala Joel Mbaka and Mblizi Michee Tshoma-Tshoma, followed by Jean Rigobert Maka-Gbossokotto, Wembo Radi Kumale and Luntadilla Peniel Bidi.

Similarly, in the cadet girls’ team competition it was a full house for Congo Democratic. First place went to Muteba Peguy Dialumona, Bombanga Nouria Sita and Julie Kayembe. The silver medallists were Mbenza Djanella Landu, Blessing Landu Mbela and Kusinda Leontine Mene; they finished ahead of Nsumba Consd

Play in the individual events now commences.

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