05 Mar 2020

The first day of play, Wednesday 4th March, at the 2020 Congo Junior and Cadet Open in Kinshasa, commenced in a blaze of colour, an opening ceremony depicted local culture.

Most importantly, the day concluded with success upon success for the host nation.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In three of the four team events on offer, all organised on a group all-play-all basis, it was a day without defeat

Impressively, in the junior boys’ team event, selecting from Christian Mbongia, Exauce Ngefuassa, Noredi Bongo and Rabby Kasota, it was two fixtures completed, two wins.

Notably it was the same from the combination of Burundi’s Adour Razak Derra, who lined up alongside Congo Brazzaville’s Dryche Ekoya Kanga and Arxy Gauchy; the two outfits now meet to decide first and second places.

Only unbeaten teams

Similarly, in the cadet boys’ team event, it was a successful day for local players; Exauce Diampovisa, Kassa Caleb Dikizeyiko and Mbaku Issa Basele; two fixtures remaining, they are the only unbeaten team.

It is exactly the same situation in the cadet girls’ team competition. The host nation trio comprising Muteba Peguy Dialumona, Bombanga Nouria Sita and Julie Kayembe ended the day the only team that did not experience defeat.

Different scenario

Success for the Democratic Republic of the Congo; in the junior girls’ team event, life was very different. In convincing style, not a single match surrendered, the combination of Hungary’s Helga Dari and Togo’s Ayoko Fanida Amah ended the day the one unbeaten outfit.

However, the host country in the guise of Gloria Dianda and Imbl Veronique Moupie is very much in line for runners up spot. They suffered a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Helga Dari and Ayoko Fanida Amah but in their opening fixture secured victory by the same margin when facing the pairing of Angola’s Eugenia Simoes and Congo Democratic’s Izizau Nisona.

Play in the team events concludes on Thursday 5th March.


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