12 Jan 2020

An earthquake measuring 7.0 on Richter magnitude scale struck Haiti on Tuesday 12th January 2010; some 250,000 lives were lost; 300,000 people were injured; the country faced the greatest humanitarian crisis in its history.

Now a decade later, the road to recovery continues; significantly table tennis is now firmly established.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Year by year, month by month, the sport in the country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, is ever stronger.

In the past decade assistance has been received from the International Olympic Committee and the ITTF Development Programme; notably Sarah Hanffou, the initiator of Jeux Sans Frontières has visited and conducted coaching courses.

There are now 13 clubs involving some 300 players affiliated; a General Assembly is held each year during which the Annual Operation Programme is submitted to all members for discussion and approval. The next General Assembly is scheduled for Sunday 9th February.


The Executive Committee of the Haitian Table Tennis Federation has nine members:

  • Ralph Kernisant, President
  • Frantz Jacques, 1st Vice-President
  • Guy Monpoint, 2nd Vice-President, resigned
  • Bukford Demosthenes, General Secretary
  • Jude Alix Patrick Salomon, Deputy General Secretary
  • Erick Valbrun, Treasurer
  • Lino Roberto Georges, Assistant Treasurer
  • Pierre-Felix Mesidor, Advisor
  • Frantz Saint-Fort, Advisor

Each year the Federation organises three major competitions:

  • Inter school tournament,
  • National Team Tournament
  • Haiti Open 2019.

Recently the Haitian Tennis Table Federation held a Level One Coach Education Course at the Centre for Hope; however, for such initiatives new venues must be sought.


Meanwhile, Leonel Pomares, a Cuban coach, has been appointed as part of the Pan-Am Sport Project.

The goal is to raise overall standards by organising training camps and educating coaches; the eventual target is to have professional players in the national team in order to be able to compete on the international stage.

Looking ahead, in order to progress the Federation needs equipment to increase participation and develop a programme for schools. Umpires and referees courses are also on the agenda.

In 2020 Haiti aims to compete in regional tournaments, the longer term objective being to qualify players for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Senegal.

Haiti Open

Supported by the National Olympic Committee, on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th December, the 2019 Haiti Open, the seventh edition, was staged in the Vincent Gymnasium, a total of 62 men and 12 women competed.

  • Category 1300-1400: 1. Paul Derson 2. Malio Jean, 3. Jean Baptiste
  • Category 1500-1600: 1. Pierre Anderson 2. Vincent Guervens 3 Steeve Estanis
  • Category 1700-1900: 1. Brayan Azor Pierre 2. Fleurine Bensley 3. Donsley Estanis
  • Category 2000: 1. Donika St Fleur 2. Paul Diouley 3.Christopher Pierre
  • Women Open: 1. Sophie Gilles 2. Jessica St Fleur 3. Kimberly St Rose
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