19 Oct 2019

Dominant in the team events, as proceedings commenced in the individual competitions the situation was no different; on Friday 18th October at the 2019 Egypt Junior and Cadet Open in Sharm El-Shiehk, players from the host nation were very much in evidence.

However, there were those from foreign shores who made an impact, notably Ukraine’s Nazar Tretiak, Chinese Taipei’s Tsu Yu-Chin, Russia’s Ekaterina Zironova, Algeria’s Melissa Belache and Tunisia’s Maram Zoghlami attracted the attention.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Pride of place went to Nazar Tretiak; in the group phase of the junior boys’ singles event, he beat Saudi Arabia’s Khalid Alshareif, the no.4 seed (11-5, 11-3, 9-11, 11-9), remaining unbeaten to secure first place in the group. The consolation for Khalid Alshareif was the fact it was his only defeat, thus second place and progress to the main draw was gained.

Defeat for the fourth seed, for the remaining leading names in the junior boys’ singles event it was a day without defeat and first place; the Egyptian trio of Marwan Abdelwahab, Ahmed Elborhamy and Abdelraham Dendan all ended the day in group top spots.

Equally impressive

Impressive from Nazar Tretiak, it was the same from Ekaterina Zironova in the junior girls’ singles competition, the defending champion and no.3 seed, she secured first place in her group, as did Tsu Yu-Chin, the top seed. Not to be overshadowed by visitors to Egyptian shores, the host nation’s Hend Fathy, the no.2 seed and Sara Elhakem, the no.4 seed, ended the day unbeaten.

Likewise in the cadet girls’ singles first stage Melissa Belache, the no.3 seed, secured first position in her group as did Tunisia’s Maram Zoghlami, the no.4 seed. Imposing from Melissa Belache and Maram Zoghlami, it was the same from the respective top two names; both from Egypt, Hana Goda and Farida Badawy duly reserved top spots.

Better news for Khalid Alshareif

Meanwhile, in the cadet boys’ singles event there was better news for Khalid Alshareif. The top seed he reserved first place in his group as did the other leading names. It was first position for the Egyptian trio of Marwan Gamal, Wael Yassin and Mohamed Sameh.

Similarly, for the leading name in the mini-cadet boys’ singles event, Yassin Wael, it was first place in the initial stage group, as it was for Egyptian colleague, Kanzy Fawzy in the mini-cadet singles competition.

The individual events continue towards the later rounds on Saturday 19th October.

World Junior Circuit 2019 Egypt Junior & Cadet Open Ekaterina Zironova

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