10 Oct 2019

The Japan Table Tennis Association Sports Science and Medicine Committee (JTTA SSMC) held its sixth international meeting on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September in Tokyo; the meeting has been held annually since 2014, the aim to establish a close relationship between the Japan Table Tennis Association and researchers from the International Table Tennis Federation.

A total of 52 personnel attended; eight members of the ITTF Sports Science Committee, three Europeans, nine Asians and 33 Japanese. This number of participants was the largest to date.

by Professor Kazuto Yoshida, PhD (JTTA Sports Science and Medicine Committee Chairman, ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee member)

On the first day, Professor Kazuto Yoshida, JTTA SSMC Chair, opened the meeting with a welcome address. There were five speakers in the first session and eight in the second; all presented their research results and shared creative insights.

Five speakers

Following the second session, the meeting was opened and chaired by Professor Hiroyoshi Ogasa, JTTA SSMC Vice Chairman. The title was “Injury Prevention and Medical Support Issues in Racket Sports”.

There were five speakers, including medical support staff members not only from table tennis but also from tennis and soft tennis. They made presentations based on their latest practical activities and study results. A lively discussion ensued.

Second day

On the second day, we started the third session, poster presentations, eight speakers; discussions were positive and went beyond the scheduled time of one hour.

Next, Prof. Miran Kondric, Chair ITTF Sports Science Committee, gave a keynote lecture. The title was “Table Tennis can be best possible therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease; also for patients with other modern diseases”. He spoke about the possibility of table tennis having a preventive effect on Parkinson’s disease from several different viewpoints.

“Table tennis is one of the rare sports activities that individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and their families can do together. We hope that ITTF and other international universities and medical institutions worldwide will find resources to slow down Parkinson’s Disease with table tennis activities”. Professor Miran Kondric.

Later Dr. Shiro Matsuo delivered a special lecture. The title was “six years of progress, we will never stop reaching for more”. After this special lecture, the Japan Table Tennis Association presented an award of appreciation to Professor Miran Kondric for his invaluable support at JTTA SSMC international meetings.

Fourth session

Following, there was the fourth session with five speakers. Finally, Professor Hiroyoshi Ogasa, JTTA SSMC Vice Chairman, concluded the meeting expressing his gratitude.

Throughout the two day meeting, everyone gave their full attention; the discussions were livelier than ever. We had a most thought-provoking and beneficial time.

Now by holding this meeting annually, we have strengthened and expanded the network of table tennis researchers. We believe the cumulative achievements of JTTA SSMC international meetings will be a legacy, not only for JTTA SSMC members, but also for all participants and will continue long after 2020 Tokyo.


JTTA SSMC and ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee have agreed to collaborate even more closely in the field of table tennis science and medicine in the future.

Thanks to the International Table Tennis Federation each participant received a pen and key chain with the ITTF logo. We appreciate and thank the ITTF Marketing Department for their contribution to the event.

We look forward to meeting researchers and medical staff at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

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