23 Sep 2019

The ITTF’s Equipment Assistance Program, providing National Associations (NAs) in need of support with equipment packages, is entering its third decade and after 20 successful years the ITTF is looking to take the programme to new heights by sending out a Request for Proposals to become an Official Partner of the Equipment Assistance Program to National Associations.

by Dora Jeler (High Performance & Development Operations Manager)

In just over 20 years, the ITTF and its partners have supplied over 1300 equipment packages of varying scope to National Associations globally. This can include tables, nets, surrounds, rackets, balls, umpire tables, coaching manuals or other equipment specific support.

Throughout the program, NAs have benefited from over 4500 tables, almost 80,000 rackets and over one million balls.

However, as part of the expanded and revised Continental Development program within the framework of the ITTF’s Strategic Plan, launched in 2018, the Equipment Assistance Program is also expanding and undergoing changes to adhere to the vision of “Table Tennis. For all. For life.” and an effort for collaborative working with all our partners in a transparent way.

One of these changes is a new focus on grass roots development. Those NAs focused on grass roots development will be able to receive more participation orientated equipment, rather than the competition centred equipment packages of NAs striving for the development of High Performance pathways.

Due to this expansion and growth, the ITTF is now opening a Request for Proposals to become an Official Partner of the Equipment Assistance Program to National Associations.

Equipment suppliers, as one of ITTF’s most important partners in growing and developing the sport, are a key stakeholder, and it is ITTF’s goal to be able to work collaboratively with our equipment partners. In line with good governance principles that ITTF adheres to, all future equipment partnerships shall be in an open and transparent bid format. The new Official Partner(s) will help meet the new Program challenges for the period 2019-2020:

  • Overall increase of packages due to the new Continental Development programmes.
  • Diversified packages, basic and competition, due to the different needs on the ground.
  • Geographical distribution from the logistics point of view consequently resulting in lower freight costs

For more information on the programme, and how to apply, please click here: ITTF Equipment Assistance Program – Request for Proposal

The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, 15 October 2019.

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