09 Sep 2019

Supporting the growth of female participation, the ITTF Women’s Development Programme has continually grown in the past two decades; the latest initiative is entitled “My Gender, My Strength”.

The concept is aimed at encouraging national associations to design creative projects aiming to promote female participation and develop skills in wide ranging activities from playing to officiating, coaching to administration.

by Dora Jeler, High Performance and Development Operations Manager

A further advancement of the current ITTF Women’s Development Programme, national associations will be able to apply for support for activities that focus on education, high performance, leadership and promotion, in addition to coach education courses aimed at developing skills of female coaches.

National associations are encouraged to take ownership of the presented project, identify their needs and define the purpose of support; thus the International Table Tennis Federation will be able to effectively recognise the pertinent interests and needs.

Initially the concept will be implemented in Asia and Latin America. One such course was held alongside the recent ITTF North America Hopes Week and Challenge, four leading female development coaches from the United States and Canada honed their skills on the development of young talented players.

Topics of the course, led by Jörg Bitzigeio, head coach for USA Table Tennis, included:

…………adapting coaching methods for modern table tennis
…………training methods for young emerging talents
…………key differences in coaching tools for youth compared with teenage or adult players
…………building style foundations for hopes for future adult development

Coaching taking place (Photo: courtesy of USA Table Tennis)


The coaches were able to work closely with the North American Hopes players during the training sessions, combining theory and practice; the efforts made proved beneficial arrangement for all. A unique environment, it also offered an opportunity for the development coaches to be involved in the session planning process with groups of young players.

“During these changing times in the North American continent and with Safesport policy taking centre stage, it is important for us to support and enable the development of more female coaches in the sport and to have coaches working with our youth that are well versed in supervising and developing young children in table tennis.” USA Table Tennis

“My Gender, My Strength” now looks to more such activities; applications from national associations are open and welcomed.

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