04 Sep 2019

The 1st Diplomats Table Tennis Tournament in Berlin, Germany was organized on 31st August 2019, by the Embassy of Maldives in partnership with TTC Duppel, Dentalplace e.V, Berlin.

Courtesy of Maldives Embassy

The event gathered together diplomats in Berlin for a one-day sporting event to promote friendship and camaraderie among diplomats, and their families and friends in Berlin.

The Special Guest of Honour of the event was the star German Table Tennis player Timo Boll. A total of 100 participants representing 25 Diplomatic Missions, the Federal Foreign Office and German Bundestag participated and they include Ambassadors, Diplomatic and local staff of Embassies.

The Tournament was conducted at the Multi-sports Hall in Nord – Grundschule, Potsdamer Strasse 7, Berlin 14163.

While China emerged as the Champion Team, India was the Runner-up. The Men’s Singles champion was Mr. Hardy Boeckle, from the Federal Foreign Office. And Ms. Ting Xiang representing Bundestag became the Women’s Singles Champion.

The event was supported by Visit Maldives, Furavalhi Tourist Resort, “Butterfly”, Turkish Airlines, Diletta and Diplomatisches Magazin.  The winners for the lucky draw were Mr. Diih Wietoteh from TTC Duppel, and Mr. Zhang Jianbo from China Embassy. Furavalhi Tourist Resort sponsored a five-nights stay in the Maldives for the two lucky winners.

“This is an on-going journey we started in Beijing when we organized the First Diplomatic Table Tennis Tournament in 2008, to celebrate the Beijing Olympics.  Since then we organized 4 events in the series in China and now we will continue in Berlin.” – Ambassador Ahmed Latheef

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