26 Aug 2019

Gold one day earlier and a place booked in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, for Mauro Depergola on Sunday 25th August at the 2019 Para Pan American Games in Lima, in the men's team event it was a different story.

Alongside colleagues Gabriel Copola and Elias Romero; competing in class 3-5, the top seeds, second place in the initial stage group was their lot.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Surprisingly in their opening fixture of the day, they experienced a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Venezuela’s Roberto Quijada and Noel Sandoval, the lowest rated outfit in the group.

Defeat for the Argentine outfit but it was to be their only reverse of the day; second position behind the unbeaten Venezuelans was the outcome and thus a main draw place was secured. In all para team events where there are two stages, first and second positions progress to the knock-out stage.

Similarly, in the same category it was second spot in the initial stage group for the United States combination of Jenson Van Emburgh, Ahad Sarand and Edward Schneider; they experienced a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Chile’s Cristian Gonzalez and Maximiliano Rodriguez. Impressively, Cristian Gonzalez and Maximiliano Rodriguez remained unbeaten to top the group.

Problems for notable outfits in an event which had three groups in the initial stage, for the second seeds there were no such travails; the Brazilian combination of Welder Knaf, David Andrade de Freitas and Eziquiel Babes were no mood for charity, top spot was secured without an individual match being surrendered.

Surprise outcomes in class 3-5 but not in the remaining men’s team event initial stage fixtures.

In class 1-2, two groups in the first phase; the top seeded Brazilian formation of Guilherme Marcio da Costa, Iranildo Espindola and Aloisio Lima topped their group in style as did the second seeded Argentine duo of Fernando Eberhardt and Guillermo Bustamente.

Likewise in class 6-8, three groups in the initial phase, it was the same outcome. Top seeds, Brazil’s Paulo Salmin, Luiz Guarnieri Manara and Francisco de Melo reserved first place; a situation that applied also to the second seeded Chilean combination of Cristian Dettoni, Matias Pino Lorca and Ignacio Torres. Not to be overshadowed, the third seeds, Colombia’s José Vargas and Diego Henao secured pole position in their initial phase group.

Progress for Brazil, it was the same in class 9-10; two groups in stage one, occupying the top seeded position, the trio of Claudio Massad, Carlos Carbinatti and Diego Moreira finished in first place, a situation that applied also to the United States combination of Tahl Leibovitz, Jerry Vasquez and Randall Medcalf.

Brazil to the fore, in the one women’s team event, it was the same; the top seeds, Joyce de Oliveira, Thais Fraga Severo and Marliane Amaral Santos reserved first position, an outcome that was the same for Mexico’s Edith Sigala and Martha Verdin, the second seeds.

Play in Lima concludes on Tuesday 27th August.

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