09 Aug 2019

The Record Institute of Germany (RID) has officially accepted a new record but which one?

Now it is official: the new table tennis merry-go-round world record set in Borussia Düsseldorf on Wednesday 5th June 2019 has been officially recognised. The event attracted no less than 2,074 participants!

by Kabir Nagpal

Düsseldorf elementary school students in the third and fourth school years played in

the Merkur Spiel-Arena Düsseldorf at the SingPong event for 15 minutes on a circuit of 105 tables. The record set surpassed the previous established only last year of 1,252 players.

The new record for the “largest table tennis merry-go-round on different tables” has now been recognised as a world record and certified with the presentation of an official RID record certificate. The Record Institute for Germany has also published a report on the website www.rekord-institut.org and has added to the RID record archive. In addition, participants can use the RID website to order personalised documents as of now.

Notably, the Record Institute of Germany collects and reviews top achievements of all kinds and recognises world records. An RID record is an effort that is accomplished for the first time or enhances existing performance and is interesting enough to attract public interest and be the subject of a competition.

A RID record requires special skills, must always be measurable and comparable, and reach dimensions above the norm in the evaluation criteria, such as quantity, size, number, speed.

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