02 Aug 2019

On Thursday 8th August, the first ball to be hit in anger in the Honghuashan Sports Centre in the Chinese city of Shenzhen will signal the start of play in a four day international tournament; nothing unusual in that fact but that stroke will have a special significance.

It will mark the start of the ITTF World Veteran Tour, an initiative which adds extra ingredients to an already most popular concept, sport for those of more mature years.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Age groups are very much as tradition dictates but there are two most innovative factors which add special ingredients to the entity; ranking lists and the champion of champions event.

Seven age groups for men and women each with a 10 year period, starting with 40 to 49 years and culminating with 80 years and over form the basis for the ranking scheme; each age span having their own dedicated list.

Players gain points for each match won commencing with five points for a win in the qualification stage, 10 points for each success in the main draw. Moreover, there are what may be considered bonus points for the round reached; for example the winner receives 750 points, the runner up 600 points. Basically, the results over the most recent 12 months are taken into consideration in addition to the best two results in the immediately preceding 12 month period.

Simply an extra flavor is added; just as teenagers and eager parents will calculate ranking points instead of bedtime reading, I’m sure veteran players and maybe event their parents will do the same! There’s nothing like competition!

One ingredient another is the Champion of Champions event; in each event in the men’s singles and women’s singles competitions, the winners qualify for the “Champion of Champions” tournament, play is straight knock-out as opposed to a group phase followed by knock-out as in the age group events.

Now here is a chance to make a name for yourself; you are in the 40 years bracket, fit and agile, here is an opportunity to beat a famous name who bones may creak a little in the 70 years plus category?

Interesting times await and while renewing friendships and creating new, reflecting on days gone by with an air of nostalgia will prevail, you can be sure no quarter will be given, no quarter asked, the competition will be intense; just like those of less mature years!

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ITTF World Veterans Tour 2019 World Veteran Tour - Shenzhen Shenzhen

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